Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I am sorry for my absence from here. It feels like quite a while since i properly engaged with this blog, and my bloggy friends. I have felt like such a lot is going on here but i have no energy to write about it, or indeed no inclination to. I am spending little time online right now though i do miss hearing about what others are up to so am hoping to gradually start catching up on that.

News here in brief is that we have had a wall knocked down to make a large lounge and we are deciding what to do next with the rest of the house. We have been spending lots of time in the garden. Phoebe has been really growing up. She's now going to sleep of an evening with her Daddy sometimes and even went to sleep in her own bed once. Its a priority now to redecorate the room that will be hers and Ezra's - not so we can force her into it. But so that it feels special and nice to her (and mainly because there is a damp/mouldy wall). Ezra is our little whirlwind still, but is also going through a period of wanting to be reassured and staying close to us when strangers are about. He is so brave and fearless in many ways, but also likes the comfort of his family. Phoebe and Ezra are getting on really well now, with Phoebe taking on a real big sister role, and Ezra trying to please her. Its sweet to watch. We are having lots of sand play, and water play, and games with the children next door (who are 10 and 6). The chickens are doing well - though we still have two cockerels. We think we may have found a home for no 2 (Beauty/Beautiful Markings - as named by my friend's children who raised him) finally, but i won't quite believe it til it happens.

We are doing a lot of talking here about simple living, and our home, and lifestyle. Looking forward together to what we hope our future will be like. I am hoping to share more here as i can but i am rather enjoying this break from technology so blogging may continue to be sparse. I will see how things go.

Thanks for sticking with me x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Love it!

No words needed for this. Great cartoon. :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011


This video is just beautiful. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, it is a call to awaken to the beauty in the ordinary, the wonder of every day. I felt moved to share it.

Today I am grateful for...

a visit with a dear friend this morning - the help she has given me and our conversations.
a new space here in my home which lets the beautiful light stream right in.
Phoebe going to sleep last night with her Daddy
this morning's sunshine
Ezra sleeping soundly this naptime and resting his tired head.
home made pizza for lunch.
my parents for looking after me and my children all week.
my grandad and his love for my children (and me) which shines through.
my son's curls and golden hair.
my daughter blooming, her confidence unfurling like a rose.
the roof over my head.
the ability to stay at home with my children.
the video that i just posted.
our laptop, so that we can connect with others and share things that enrich our lives.
the flowers in my garden.
the feeling of being home.

Friday, 8 April 2011

An invention

This is Phoebe's self designed and made ant feeding station. She asked
why they came in the house, what they wanted and what they liked to
eat and proceeded to make them a nice snack to enjoy outdoors - away
from our kitchen!

New toy

We have invested in a lovely new water tray. It's provided so much fun
so far. I'd love to have a stream or something nearby so we wouldn't
need artificial water sources but right now it's not possible. So
instead hours of fun in the garden with water tray, sand pit, chalks,
bikes, scooters, trampoline, veg patch and chickens, and that feels
pretty good to me. :)


Here is Ezra looking through the bars and of you look closely you can
see he is watching a man with a pressure washer. We had lots of fun at
the park and Ezra was fascinated for a good few minutes. He also loved
the rope bridge and kept attempting it before I could get round there!

Food Octagon

Forget the typical food pyramid. We like this food Octagon designed by
Cynthia Lair of Cookus Interruptus. It is in her book Feeding the
Whole Family, which is one of my favourites. Try the almond Ginger


Bok Choy in Ume Vinaigrette from The Kind Diet. This was my lunch a
few days ago. I need more like this!

Vision board : Home

I made this a few weeks ago and look at it every morning. It's the
vision board for our home. I hope to bear the feel of it in mind when
we choose the decor for our new lounge and later on our kitchen diner.
The big knock through starts Monday!

Sibling love

Phoebe reading to Ezra. A little scene I discovered a few days ago. So
sweet. I hope their bond deepens as they grow together.

Casper the dog

Just 'cause he's cute!

More duplo

We bought some extra bits recently and it's my personal favourite
thing to do with the children.

WIP: top for Phoebe

Or it may end up being a dress. Either way I am enjoying this simple
pattern. It's the cap sleeved spring top pattern again. Found on my
ravelry if you want details. :)

Stories with mummy

Please excuse the fuzziness! So rare to find a picture with me in it!



We are really enjoying the sunshine now. And I am playing around with
hipstamatic and instagram. Love the colours in this one.


Hide and seek is one of Phoebe's favourite games.

Ezra enjoying the chopping fruit

Ezra is really starting to play now and we are loving watching him.
This is a current favourite.

Magic painting