Sunday, 6 March 2011

Willow Weaving Workshop

On Friday we headed into town to a wonderful place called The Green Backyard. It is just on the edge of the town centre, close to the railway station, and its a truly beautiful place. It is essentially a community allotment run by volunteers. You can turn up on Wednesdays and Sundays and help with the work and then take something home with you - produce, eggs or seeds you have planted. They have a large plot plus chickens, rescued rabbits, willow domes in progress, various buildings and sculpture, tire swings and graffiti art. They run workshops too such as woodturning and bike maintenance.

Here it is:

On Friday we headed there as our local home education group had arranged a session for the children (and adults) to learn willow weaving. Some of our favourite people were also at the session, which was nice. :)

The first thing we made was a fish. We are hoping to put this somewhere in our garden.

 It was great fun doing this with Phoebe. Ezra watched from the carrier on my back and looked at all the people and the interesting things in the hut. After that we went for a walk around and got a bit of a tour of the site. The children played. There was tire swinging and climbing trees and chicken watching. Then we came back to learn a few more things. We learnt how to make fairy wands.

I also learnt how to make baby rattles and snails. And I brought a few pieces of willow home, so will have a go at one of those soon. It was a great session and I hope we can head back there soon.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to be a part of! The weavings are fantastic, I'd love to have a go too - we have enough willow around here xx

  2. So that's what that place is by thr railway station. I've admired it plenty of time while driving past in the car or no the train.

    Sounds lke you had a fantastic time!

  3. what a lovely place is this :)