Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To bless a mama and her babe

For a little over a week now I have been wearing this red thread. I
have it on both wrists. A friend of mine had a blessingway, a
celebration of the pregnant mother, and though I was unable to be
there in person - we decided in the end the distance was too great for
my little ones - I was there in spirit. I sent the expectant mama a
couple of beads for her birthing necklace along with some beeswax
candles, herbal "love" tea and a raw chocolate bar. Also something - a
blessing - to be read on the day.
She sent me back some of the thread used for the ceremony and a
beautiful candle. At the time of her blessingway I tied the thread
around my wrists - as women who were there in person were doing - when
her baby is on it's way I will light the candle to guide baby
earthside and once I hear he or she is safely in mama's arms the red
thread is cut. Blessingway's are such a beautiful way to celebrate

I know some of you will be reading going "I know all that!" but lots
of family and friends reading this I know will never have heard of
such a thing so I'm sharing for the uninitiated. Also please forgive
my description. I'm sure many people have described it far more

The red thread is likely to remain for a while yet but I am looking
forward to hearing news of a wonderful beautiful birth and a new soul
arriving peacefully into the heart of this lovely family!

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