Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The day I accidentally dressed Ezra as a girl

Red trousers that are starting to look pinky.
Phoebe's too small now hoodie dress (that just felt so soft and comfy
and was right by the door as we were leaving).
I thought he could get away with it - it's not that long. It could be
a long jumper.
Or so I thought.
But that coupled with his long her did lead to him being called "she"
a few times.
For the record, I think it's fine for a boy to choose "girl's clothes"
- except that this mama chose for him. Hehehe. Perhaps I'll put the
dress away until the next Wingfield girl comes along, eh?

Edited to add: I just remembered reading this post by Dayna Martin a few days ago about her son choosing to wear a dress. It made me so happy to hear of a mother honouring her son's choices despite them being unconventional in our society.


  1. Oh Cain is often mistaken for a boy. Dad took them out for a walk the other day and a guy said to Owen that he has his work cut out with TWO little sisters to look out for..... Cain was not in the least bothered!
    Even if both boys are dressed in similar clothes Cain is still presumed a girl, his long blonde hair and huge ble eyes obviously can't belong to a boy lol.
    Ezra looks just beautiful in all your photo's and I don't see beauty as being a gender dominant trait.

  2. Thanks Becks. And we are both blessed to have such beautiful boys! :)

  3. I think he looks fab, and I totally have dresses (tunics) and things I would put a boy in. We have recently converted Connor to tights under his wellies too lol. All my girls wear some "boy clothes". It's just daft that it's less socially acceptable the other way around. :)

  4. my baby boy ends up in all sorts of pink (and that very same dress too ,P) people think the boy is a girl and the girl is a boy.