Friday, 18 March 2011

The most fun with duplo

Today we made a huge slide for the animals and pixies to go down.

I know a few people are waiting on emails from me - people who have
been very generous with their time in answering my questions - and I
promise to write as soon as I get the chance. Thank you so much though
-I have printed out your responses to read through a few times and
digest on those occasions when I get an odd 3 minutes. :)

Just chillin'

Phoebe is not well. Possibly a chest infection. So we are having a
quiet week. Yesterday I made her this hammock using one of our slings.
She enjoyed hanging out under the table, as you can see!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Monkey platters

We love them! What a great way to snack!

A rare picture of Ezra being still!

The day I accidentally dressed Ezra as a girl

Red trousers that are starting to look pinky.
Phoebe's too small now hoodie dress (that just felt so soft and comfy
and was right by the door as we were leaving).
I thought he could get away with it - it's not that long. It could be
a long jumper.
Or so I thought.
But that coupled with his long her did lead to him being called "she"
a few times.
For the record, I think it's fine for a boy to choose "girl's clothes"
- except that this mama chose for him. Hehehe. Perhaps I'll put the
dress away until the next Wingfield girl comes along, eh?

Edited to add: I just remembered reading this post by Dayna Martin a few days ago about her son choosing to wear a dress. It made me so happy to hear of a mother honouring her son's choices despite them being unconventional in our society.


I do so love family bed photos. Here are my two enjoying a rare nap
together. :)

Look who has discovered a new toy

Last week I got out the trampoline from under the carport. Ezra hadn't
really used it before and was so excited when he realised what it was
for. Look at that cheeky grin!
We are loving spending more time outside!

To bless a mama and her babe

For a little over a week now I have been wearing this red thread. I
have it on both wrists. A friend of mine had a blessingway, a
celebration of the pregnant mother, and though I was unable to be
there in person - we decided in the end the distance was too great for
my little ones - I was there in spirit. I sent the expectant mama a
couple of beads for her birthing necklace along with some beeswax
candles, herbal "love" tea and a raw chocolate bar. Also something - a
blessing - to be read on the day.
She sent me back some of the thread used for the ceremony and a
beautiful candle. At the time of her blessingway I tied the thread
around my wrists - as women who were there in person were doing - when
her baby is on it's way I will light the candle to guide baby
earthside and once I hear he or she is safely in mama's arms the red
thread is cut. Blessingway's are such a beautiful way to celebrate

I know some of you will be reading going "I know all that!" but lots
of family and friends reading this I know will never have heard of
such a thing so I'm sharing for the uninitiated. Also please forgive
my description. I'm sure many people have described it far more

The red thread is likely to remain for a while yet but I am looking
forward to hearing news of a wonderful beautiful birth and a new soul
arriving peacefully into the heart of this lovely family!


This is the very first daffodil which opened in our garden a few days
ago. Hello Spring! We are so glad to see you!


Boxes are so much fun!

Phoebe's Art :: A Rocket

(sorry it's upside down)

Phoebe's Art :: A pool table and cues

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sonething's gotta give...

Phoebe and Ezra playing in the sun.


Our garden yesterday. Shame it's not so nice today but will hold on to
this image as the start of spring!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

All through the night

A thoughtful mama posted this poem on an e-group I belong to and I had to share. Lovely words. :)

All Through the Night 

Your son is born.
Pushed forth in joyful triumph.
He comes wet and wriggling into your eager arms.
First he licks, but slowly you teach him to nurse.
A little later, you laugh at his quizzical look when he tastes the first rush of milk.
So you keep him next to you all the warm, tender night.
Drinking and growing, drinking and growing,
With no thought of time. 

Your one-year-old is sleeping on your arm.
No longer tiny, but chubby-legged and strong.
His curly head so heavy on your aching arm--
Though Lord knows it should be strong enough after carrying him all day.
Let's try to move it -- oh, oh, no good.
"Yes, yes, hungry one," you murmur. "Here it is."
You might as well forget the arm and try to doze off again. 

Can anything beat a two-year-old cutting his molars in the middle of the night?
You feel as if he's going to tear you to bits.
Nothing seems to work anymore.
You've given and given until there's nothing left.
Will this long night ever end? 

Your three-year-old is nursing quietly.
How long has it been? Well, long enough. 
You might as well try it -- it usually works.
"Honey, Mommy wants to go sleepy now. O.K.?"
Muttering, "O.K.," he rolls over and begins to snore.
Gratefully you snuggle down under the covers between two warm bodies. 

Your long-legged four-year-old is tossing and moaning.
Suddenly he cries out in terror, "Mommy! Mommy!"
Coming up out of a deep sleep, you move towards him. 
A nightmare again. Ah, well.
"Don't be afraid, sweetheart. Mommy's here. Here."
All is quiet. 

The sound of your five-year-old giggling softly intrudes on your sleep.
"What's so funny?"
"Oh, I was just thinking about when I dranked your milk."
"Oh, really? I thought you'd forgotten all about that. Anyway, what's so funny about that?"
"Nothing. I just feel happy to think about it. . . . . Mommy?"
"What? Oh. Oh, well. Just this once." 

Your six-year-old is looking down at you in the half-light of dawn.
"Mommy, Daddy. It's kind of cold in my new room. Can I come in with you?"
"Sure, honey." 

The alarm goes off. You are alone in the big bed.
From the bathroom come voices. Your seven-year-old is watching his dad shave.
You realize with a start that nobody asked for anything all night long.
Not even a drink of water.
You sigh and wonder why the years go by as fast as hours.
And in your heart you're glad you had those times together.
All through the night. 

-----by Kathy Eickmann

Willow Weaving Workshop

On Friday we headed into town to a wonderful place called The Green Backyard. It is just on the edge of the town centre, close to the railway station, and its a truly beautiful place. It is essentially a community allotment run by volunteers. You can turn up on Wednesdays and Sundays and help with the work and then take something home with you - produce, eggs or seeds you have planted. They have a large plot plus chickens, rescued rabbits, willow domes in progress, various buildings and sculpture, tire swings and graffiti art. They run workshops too such as woodturning and bike maintenance.

Here it is:

On Friday we headed there as our local home education group had arranged a session for the children (and adults) to learn willow weaving. Some of our favourite people were also at the session, which was nice. :)

The first thing we made was a fish. We are hoping to put this somewhere in our garden.

 It was great fun doing this with Phoebe. Ezra watched from the carrier on my back and looked at all the people and the interesting things in the hut. After that we went for a walk around and got a bit of a tour of the site. The children played. There was tire swinging and climbing trees and chicken watching. Then we came back to learn a few more things. We learnt how to make fairy wands.

I also learnt how to make baby rattles and snails. And I brought a few pieces of willow home, so will have a go at one of those soon. It was a great session and I hope we can head back there soon.

Latest Knitting Project: Aviatrix

I finished this project last week, or was it the one before? The Pattern is called Aviatrix and its on Ravelry. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto, Cashmerino Aran and I think some RYC Cashsoft Aran too. A way to start using up some of the odd balls. I'm very pleased with how it came out and have had a few compliments on it when out, which is nice.

It has a warm chin strap which helps it to stay on, and for some reason Ezra will quite happily keep it on, as long as his coat is put on first. A very cute hat indeed. I have just spied one on another blog too! ;)


 I love the little moments when Ezra is playing. I can see his imagination beginning to develop as he pushes his cars over a rainbow bridge, or flies around his beloved aeroplane. He makes little dolls cuddle each other proclaiming "aaah". He also sometimes likes to build towers. Look how pleased with himself he is.

I was later looking at that photo and smiling at his sweet expression, and then I clicked onto the next one.

A stern look indeed! I don't think this was aimed at me, and most likely Phoebe had distracted him from his enjoyment of the moment, but I took it as a reminder that he is so so aware of what is going on around him. He is now 19 months old and people find it easy to dismiss children this age as toddlers, babies still, but oh he is growing and learning. Like a little sponge he takes in the world around him. He also knows his mind very clearly. Right now I can't imagine having conversations with him but I know that really it won't be too long and before I know it he'll be chatting away with his sister. It is sometimes easy to forget that when I am sorting out confusion over toys or games they are playing. It won't be this way forever, soon they will be true playmates. I would never wish his childhood away, but I am looking forward to seeing their friendship blossom.


This week we have enjoyed doing some painting. This is the first time Ezra has really joined in and actually done some painting. Its so lovely to see how he is developing, his character coming out... and his sister's. She chose to paint some giant colouring pages. I gave Ezra a plain sheet of coloured paper and he enjoyed playing with the paintbrush and making marks.

I popped to get some more water...

...and Phoebe decided to paint her brother to "look like a lion"!

Cutest lion I ever saw. This led nicely on to a long play in the bath before dinner.

I leave the room for one minute...

Ezra's New Trick

Ezra has learned to pull a "scary face"!

I wonder who taught him?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Little Red Hen

Each Monday now I tell Phoebe and Ezra a story, using props - wooden
figures, playsilks, stackers, whatever is at hand. This week was
Goldilocks but here is a picture of last week when we told the story
of The Little Red Hen. I start by telling the story and moving the
figures, Phoebe helps move them too. Ezra fiddles, and sometimes runs
off with bits, but will settle as he gets older. After our initial
story, Phoebe takes the lead and we tell the story again, often with
changes. This week we had Goldilocks and The Three Zebras. Last week
The Little Red Hen had help from her friends and they all baked their
own bread before going to the park. I love doing this with my
children. I want to thank Sarah of Carried Family (link in my blog
list - can't do them via mobile I'm afraid) for writing about her
family rhythm in the past which gave me the prompt to start our week
with a story! :)