Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This week so far

We have had a new bed delivered!

It's big and snuggly and much warmer than our mattress on the floor! Our bedroom is over the car port and not well insulated so gets quite cold. The matress has been freezing the past few months so we are really happy to have a warmer sleeping solution.

We have been to Natural Parenting Club and caught up with friends.
We also said goodbye to friends who are moving to the states. I am so excited for Michelle and her family but we will really miss them. We hope to hear all about their new life out there and wish them much joy and happiness in their new home and community.

We have been enjoying soaked muesli - well, us grown ups have. Can't persuade the little ones yet.

I have been, and continue to be, very sleep deprived. I'm off to bed right after this. One day my children will sleep soundly. I hope.

We have drawn with window crayons.

We have read lots of books.

I have drunk chamomile tea, and barleycup with rice milk, and chai.

I have spent a few minutes here and there knitting Phoebe a top in beautifully coloured "Riot" yarn. :)

I have read a few blogs. Hello friends.

I have played Diggers for long periods with Phoebe - we get the car mat out and I have to be all the characters, named by her - such as Heaver the digger, Roller, Mixer and Pusher (you get the idea). They build public buildings, go on holidays on an aeroplane and occasionally catch fire!

Must go now as I am so tired but hoping to do Goddess Leonie's chakra healing meditation in bed. Yes, healing is much needed right now, but I am truly happy.


  1. Oh goodness - I must send James down to you. he would play that game with Phoebe, and we would both get a rest. he is always interrupting my very imaginative car park building with cries of "Emergency" and some vehicle comes rushing to the rescue.
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Oh what a lovely big bed. I do hope you get to become acquainted with it for nice long periods.

  3. lovely to catch up again, new bed here too, feel very princess and pea as we have gone from floor too !
    O always happy to come play diggers xxx

  4. Love the picture of ezra and Phoebe in the bed! I bet the room looks ever more beautiful now!

    Looking forward to catching up soon.

    I did the chrakra meditation last week. Really needed it!

    Max wants a cuddle so have to stop now/ :)

  5. Right, Max is in bed so my arms are free. :)

    It was really lovely to read your post... You sound really happy! :)

  6. I love the way your children are already in the new bed, claiming it as theirs (love it) beautiful blog you have here too. Have a peacefeul weekend. Jo x