Sunday, 6 February 2011

Happy New Year

I realise I am slighlty belated in wishing you all a Happy New Year, but all the same I hope it is a good one for you and your family. The year started out quite badly for us. The children have not been sleeping well since before christmas and this has not, as yet, improved but I live in hope. The main thing we have been preoccupied with, however, is Ezra and his accident. He fell around a month ago and tanded on a toy, gouging a chunk out of his lip. We took him to the hospital walk in centre and were told it would heal, which it did. Two weeks later though, he fell again and cut his lip on the inside of a door frame. This time he was not quite so lucky - his lip split completely in two. My poor baby! We rushed him to A&E and when we were seen they said it was borderline whether he would need stitched but he was too little to have them done then and there. We had to leave it this way overnight (we went home) and came back in the morning to the maxillofacial surgery unit for assessment.  In the end we were admitted to the children's ward and Ezra had to go under general anaesthetic (hands down worst experience of my life) to have stitches. I waited outside theatre for over an hour before my quivering, confused and hurting little boy was brought back to me with eight stitches. We were able to breastfeed straight away, which did much top ease his discomfort and lulled him back to sleep on and off over the next few hours until we could go home.  While i had been waiting for him, and in the time after, I felt so so grateful that we were only there for a day and that it was nothing more serious. I prayed for my beautiful boy to be brought back to me safely and that he would heal well and not scar (something we are still now unsure of, though it is looking good), and I vowed that I would not take my children for granted. I do not want to waste a precious moment of this life with them.  I want to dedicate this year to them and to my spiritual and personal growth - learning to be more present, showing and really feeling more gratitude, and being a more mindful and thoughtful mother. These have always been my goals but this year so far has shown me just how important these things are.

I would like to say a huge thank you for everyone's well wishes and help, from the ever helpful Sarah who brought us nappies and wipes in A&E while we waited, to my perpetually generous friend K for giving Ezra a whole lot of reiki. Please accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks. We are so blessed.

There was another monumentous even in January, and that was Phoebe turning four! But I hope to blog in another post about that. ;)

My resolution for the year has got me thinking. I have a whole heap of books I would like to read. Books which speak of the soul and spirit, of becoming a more mindful mama and of appreciating this life I have. If anyone would like to make recommendations for me I would be honoured to hear them!

I have also decided to try and blog more regularly, ideally a few times a week. I do have some free time (though it is at present very limited!) and I have decided I would like to spend some of it recording our life. In my quest to show gratitude and appreciation of the everyday beauty of life, I believe this will help ~ an online and ever evolving gratitude journal, if you will. I also want to have a record of how we spend our time ~ both for us and our children to look back on in future, and to show our family and friends how this thing we call 'unschooling' works! ;)  Yes, the questions have started... and I will be delighted to answer them!

If you are still 'following' me, thank you. I realise it has been a long time, but I look forward to rejoining the blogging community... family life allowing.

With love,

Laura x

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  1. It is WONDERFUL to see you posting again mama! I missed you! :)

    Hugs to Ezra also, and speedy healing to him. Morgan has a tiny scar from a similar incident and oh goodness I would never have believed how much little mouths can bleed... (hugs)