Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A recent project

This little horse was a present for a friend's little girl. Very quick
to knit but time consuming to sew together and make the hair. Phoebe
has requested one and I am half way through it but have run out of
yarn and hobbycraft no longer stock it! :( so if anyone has a ball of
Palette Vintage in these colours please let me know. Otherwise I'll
start again. I am also halfway through a hat for Ezra - aviatrix for
knitters who love ravelry! ;)
I recently bought more yarn to make tops for Phoebe. After the success
of the Riot Spring top (photo soon) I want to make more. :) such a
quick, easy, fun pattern. Little bits of knitting going on here and
there. Progress slowly being made. A good feeling.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely little horse! I'm always running out of yarn (that I then find is discontinued!) halfway through things too, hope you find some of the right wool! And I love that hat pattern, both my boys have the same one, such fun to knit xx