Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Quiet Saturday Morning

Well, its very quiet here. I am alone in the house, for the first time in ages. I am enjoying the peace and stillness but also missing the three other people that usually fill this space.

I just thought I would give you a quick update on what is happening here.

{The Moon over our garden ~ taken by Phoebe}

{Ezra pointing out the moon to us ~ taken by Phoebe}

On the house front, we have seen our builder again this morning and he will be knocking a wall down between our lounge and dining room very soon. He is also going to get us a new front door. Yay!  We are waiting to hear back from a structural engineer and then we can make plans for the rest of downstairs. We are relocating our kitchen to the utility room and knocking some walls down which will give us a kitchen diner across the back of the house. This will mean when in the kitchen or at the table we will be able to see into the garden. Yay! At the moment the back of the house is the utility room and a rarely used sun lounge which is a shame as the garden is so beautiful. I will enjoy making meals whilst watching our chickens scratch about and seeing the sunset. I am really excited about this as our house has felt 'wrong' for so long. We looked at moving but we do have such a nice garden and great neighbours and felt that we didn't want to move unless it was to somewhere really special. In the future we imagine a move to our perfect place, which is likely to be nearer to the sea, or woodlands, but right now that just isn't right for us.

{Ezra by Phoebe}

In other news, Ezra had a bad accident and needed a day in hospital. We all spent the day on the children's ward and he was in theatre for an hour having eight stitches in his lip. My poor baby! I can't remember if I blogged about this or not. It was a few weeks ago now and the last stitch fell out last night. It seems to be healing well though we are not sure if it will scar or not yet. Its looking quite good so far though.

{Phoebe in the tunnel ~ standard photo face}

{Phoebe's favourite boots ~ taken by Phoebe}

Phoebe has turned four and is mostly full of the joys of spring. We are having lots of singing and made up stories about her imaginary friend. She is also enjoying playing with real friends and we actually seem to be a bit too busy at the moment! We are enjoying quiet days at home with stories, play in the garden and 'shows' put on for me to enjoy.

{Ezra riding my brother's old post office van ~ taken with Hipstamatic}

 {Ezra watching the chickens from the garden chair}

{Ezra taking his car for a drive}

{Ezra playing in the tunnel}

Ezra is now 18 months and has started actually playing imaginatively. He is a very energetic little boy and until now most of his play has been physical - climbing (boy can he climb!), running, chasing, dressing up in his sister's clothes or funny hats, throwing things, hide and seek, doing impromptu yoga positions and popping out from behind things. He has always loved books and will sit to look at those helpfully pointing out to us all the cats, dogs, birds and other animals that grace the pages. Now I am starting to find him putting dolls house dolls on a little slide and saying 'wheee!', lining his cars up and then parking each one under the dresser, and making his little wooden chicken go for a walk over the rainbow bridge. It is truly delightful to watch. Such a joy to see him grow and learn a little more every day. I am so privelidged to be mother to these children and to watch their connection to each other deepen and flourish.

{Tent play indoors}

{Sand play in the garden}


  1. Love the idea of the kitchen across the back. Perfect! It' s going to ge a lovely place to cook and watch the kids playing in the garden.

  2. Hi Laura,
    great to hear Ezra is doing well.I have been meaning to post a commment on your last post,just couldn't get round to it.
    Can't believe he is 18 moths old now,time flies!
    Especially with the second ones!
    I now have a new bog:smiling like sunshine.

  3. Lovely post. Phoebe is a great photographer!
    Hope to see you soon :-)