Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ezra and Callum


  1. Hi Laura, thanks for your comments on my blog. The shop in Stamford is called Cally Co and is down a little alley near to where Thorntons is. It's not right beside Thorntons, but on that side of the street, if you head towards the Oxfam shop! You'll see a sign for it off that main street. I recently discovered a fantastic health shop in Stamford up another little alley on the opposite side, might be called Silver Street, now I think about it. I could spend fortunes in there as they have a brilliant range of natural shampoos and cosmetics and sanitary stuff as well as foods.

    I love the photos of your little ones especially the one outside in the snow! Hope you are all well and enjoying Christmas. xxxxxx

  2. How lovely to see you blogging again Laura - i have missed you. i just cannot believe how grown up Ezra is since the camp! phoebe too - they are beautiful.
    I donwsized my blog life too - it was too difficult to decide what to put where - so all that is me is in the one place.

  3. Awww lovely photos, Laura :-)
    Lovely makes too :-)

  4. Gosh, Ezra is really growing up isn't he. It seems only yesterday that you made your birth announcement.
    Blessings to you all and how nice to catch up with your beautiful family again.