Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Painting a t shirt

Today we followed instructions we found online (the artful parent and/
or filth wizadry I think) and painted a t shirt using watered down
acrylic paints. It is drying now and Phoebe is very excited to see
what it will look like when it's finished!

Ezra with a finger puppet

Taken by Phoebe

Did I say he's cute yet?

I know I'm biased!

Phoebe's daily acrobatics!

Phoebe's spiderweb

Where is she?

Ezra about to hide from his sister.

Tickle Tickle

Ezra loves to chase Phoebe and tickle her!

How cute?!

My goodness, I love these little people!

Phoebe's Spider

We have been making autumnal & Halloween crafts here. This was made at
our local Home Education group on Friday. Phoebe also made a spooky
hand full of popcorn, decorated a cupcake, and made a dangly witch.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Our new additions

Three legbars. They are pullets but will lay blue eggs!

Drumming circle

We had lots of fun on Friday at a drumming circle. Phoebe really
enjoyed it, and Ezra was entertained by the ball pool and shakers.


A new dressing up outfit

It even has a tail :)


Phoebe getting braver

Where has he gone?

I actually thought I had lost Ezra at one point until I looked for
him really carefully & saw his tiny face peeping out of a little hole!




Phoebe's writing

Can you tell what it says?
(photo is sideways)
She copied it from me :)