Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Blog

Just a quick note to say that I have carved out my own space on the web - a new blog over at Red Chai Mama and will be writing over there from now on, though i will be keeping this blog also for family photos. :)
Thanks for taking the time to check in here. x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Videos taken by Grandpa

We have been to visit Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy and on the way back called at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Here are a couple of videos that Grandpa recorded. :)

This video has me in it (*cringe*) and i just want to point out i am not sat being antisocial on my phone - I was trying to record the song too! lol. I am pulling a horrible conxcentration face. I don't look like that all the time - honest!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

600th post

I have just realised, when looking at my blog 'dashboard' that this is my 600th post on this blog! Wow. I guess thats not suprising when i think about the fact that i started the blog three years ago as we began weaning Phoebe on to solid food. It started off as a place to record her first meals and share information with other baby led weaning families. Now here we are with two children and Ezra, our son, is now 11 months old and on his own culinary adventure!

I am sorry for the huge number of picture posts and not a lot else recently. I've found the last few months challenging as Ezra began crawling and a new stage of development began. Phoebe is leaning patience (slowly) as she comes to terms with her brother's mobility and i am learning to respond to Ezra differently than i did Phoebe as he is such a different child. Ezra will try to eat anything, he likes to throw things (quite hard too) and he is now almost walking at 11 months. He took his first steps at 10 and a half months and is now able to slowly walk across the floor. He also likes to do crazy head shakes and give kisses (to me anyway ;).

Both children wake fairly frequently at night, I have come to accept that this is just the way my family are. At first glance it would be easy to blame cosleeping but i know many many other cosleeping families who do not have this issue. We are though investigating possible causes for Phoebe. We know that she wakes coughing if she has more than a little dairy in the day. She also often wakes scratching and this seems to be linked to eating wheat, though i'm not sure thats the only reason. She also wakes often if she has had an overstimulating day, having nightmares or vivid dreams, or if she is worrying about something (and she is quite a worrier). She is a sensitive child and we have chosen to honour that by respecting her need for reassurance, rather than trying to force it out of her, as society in general would probably have us do. So i am well used to disturbed nights and generally it no longer phases me. Sadly though Ezra has been unwell this week and has needed holding pretty much all night long so by yesterday i was shattered and my fuse was getting short. Enter SuperDad who took today off work to look after the children so i could have a lie in, catch up on rest and recover. Its done me so much good.

So today i have been finishing a book i am reading right now, The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone (yes, THE Alicia Silverstone) and i am hoping to blog about that soon. I also journalled a little, spent a bit of time on the net, lounged in bed doing some stretches to ease my back and hip aches and just generally chilled. Its been lovely. I also had a bath, though it was brief as Phoebe decided to join me and needed it cooler than i could stand. I like my baths hot! Then this afternoon we have moved our computer into my craft room. :)

The computer is normally downstairs in the study. In a bid to be screen free during the day (we have no tv already) I don't turn the computer on. But then in the evenings i tend to stay upstairs near the children, as Ezra wakes often and I like to get to him before he fully awakens. Sometimes i have an early night, or read in bed with a booklight, and often i sit just outside the room on the landing (its quite large) and just sprawl out on the floor reading. Anyway, due to this i get virtually no time on the pc. I do have an iphone but its of limited use as some of the things i want to do (like blogging or using a forum or reading pages with lots of info) are just too slow or too hard to read on the phone. Plus i don't like using it all the time. So today we moved the pc upstairs into my craft room, which is close enough that i can get to Ezra quickly. :)  I am so looking forward to commenting on blogs again and connecting with other mamas via forums and their blogs.

Had intended to write much more now but Ezra is obviously still not quite right and keeps waking so will go for now but post again soon i hope. Night 

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Self Portrait 3

Using roboto glitter (awesome name)!
Possibly my favourite picture of myself - I am so unphotogenic! This
picture really feels like me.

Self portrait 2

Using hipstamatic lucifer lens

Self Portait 1

Using the hipstamatic app for my iPhone.

Eleanor loves the trees!

Ezra loves coconut milk

Print making is fun!

Nudity & cheesy grins just add to the relaxed bohemian vibe we're
working over here!

I see you!


Ezra's latest trick!

He's about to throw it!

Ezra giving a picture kisses

Phoebe at 3.5 years

Look what I found in a recipe book!

I always thought it was a made up family dish. Brings back memories of

Uncle Jonny's hat

Playing at Nana & Grandad's

Playing at Nana & Grandad's

Spirulina Baby!