Sunday, 27 June 2010

A couple of short videos

We have found out we can upload videos straight from our phones to youtube, which is really handy for the blog, so to test it out here are a couple of videos recorded last night. The quality won't be amazing, but good enough. :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Phoebe-isms: extracts from a long story she told me yesterday

"All the water came tumbling out of the bathtub"
"Her heaved herself up on the highest leaf"
"They all landed in a big pile/heap"
"Her was so excited to be there."
"They laughed so loudly and so much that they floated up into the air."
"They laughed so loud they made themselves jump!"
"He shouted so loud he woke everyone up in the house and they all
shouted "a burglar"!"
"Her looked over her shoulder and found someone wasn't there who
should be. It was deddy. They went to the pub and there he was eating
loads of sausages on a plate. Nothing else just sausages! I threw one
so hard it went on everyone's faces!"
"All the trees had good heights for everyone."

And my favourite...

"Mummy you look fabulous!"

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ezra's new trick!

Look how strong he is! That's 50 sheets of tissue paper. Lol. He can
now stand unaided and can also clap while standing!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

::: The Mother Camp : Part Two :::

Camp first thing in the morning:

As taken by Russ on his walk with Ezra at 5.30am!

::: The Mother Camp : Part One :::

Here are the first few pictures of our time away at the gorgeous Lime Tree Farm Nature Reserve in Yorkshire.
We had a wonderful time connecting with like minded, natural living families and sharing our challenges, hopes, and dreams. The workshops I went to on discovering your inner wild woman were wonderful. I definitely hear her calling to me, and came home wanting to throw away the trappings of the modern world to go in search of her. Both Russ and I feel changed by our experiences at camp and are keen to work on ways we can incorporate more of the camp's atmosphere and ethos into our life. The food was delicious. We snuck back for seconds every night because it was so tasty! It was all vegan, all organic and all wholefoods. Yum! :)  We feel we have the foundations of some good friendships and have discussed meeting up with a few of the families again, which will be lovely. It was so comforting to be surrounded by people who parent in a truly responsive, attached way and to not have to justify our choices. I was also so pleased to have finally met a few people i have been in contact with online for months, if not years. In some ways by the end of the weekend i felt like i had known them forever! It was great to meet Veronika and Paul and their daughters Bethany and Eliza. I got such a warm feeling from them, and from just being in such a beautiful place.
Anyway, enough of me gushing about it all. I could go on all day! Here are the photos:

Our tent:

The toilets - compost loos. Quite exciting, and the children were fascinated! For those of you who are interested - no, they didn't smell. Not at all. They were kept very clean and were comfortable to use.

The communal yurt.

Ezra having lunch

How Phoebe and Ezra fell asleep on the first night!

Playing games

Some views around camp:

Isn't the yurt beautiful?!  There were three in total - a communal one complete with wood burner which kept us all toasty on the rainiest day, one was the kitchen (you can see it in the bottom photo with the marquee next to it - a place for the veg choppers to sit) and another for the organisers. I so want to live in a yurt now. It really was the most warm, calming space. I felt so open at camp and found it far easier to be in the present moment. Hmm... i do think i am in mourning for it still!

It was lovely to spend time with Sarah and Adam and their tinies at camp too. I have lots more photos but many have other people's children in and I wouldn't want to share those without permission. Think there are a few more pictures of the reserve i can post and also some of inside our temt so hope to do that next. :)

Testing out our new tent: The morning after

Just a few cute photos of the children playing:

Ok, so they are mainly of Sarah's beautiful Eleanor, but then she was so smiley and photogenic that day! :)

Testing out our new tent: The evening

We had a few friends round a couple of weeks ago to test out our new tent before we took it away to The Mother Camp.

There was some hooping:

Fun in the sandpit:

And it was generally a lovely evening.

We ended with a bonfire which was just magical. :)

May in pictures

Mother and daughter hairdos

Daddy kisses

Spinning poi (very amateurly) in the garden

Standing, and wearing less clothes due to the warmer weather

Playing outside

Early Summer Barbeque

Here are a few pictures from a barbeque we had a few weeks ago with the Curries. Our first real al fresco meal of the year! Woohoo!

Eleanor enjoyed her corn on the cob.
Ezra enjoyed the cucumber.