Friday, 29 January 2010


Phoebe and Ezra shelter from the rain

Sail away


Banana, dried apricot, buttercrunch lettuce, water... Blend!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ezra by Phoebe

Test post

Just seeing if I can send pics from my mobile.

Ezra on Thursday

Testing out sending pics from my mob

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Here is a video from Phoebe's birthday last weekend. Thanks for this Grandpa. x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


* Russ is off work having worked through the night and has taken Phoebe to music, followed by dropping the car off at the garage to be fixed (corroded exhaust) and walking with her into town.
* I am at home with Ezra, who has sadly been unhappy due to being waaay too overtired and teething. :( He's sleeping now thanksfully and is nestled close to my chest in our rainbow wrap (from Rachel).
* I have just uploaded and blogged a ridiculous number of photos from the first half of January.
* I have knit exactly 60 stitches in rainbow wool.
* I have read friends' blogs but found no time to leave comments.
* The house is a mess but i value 'me' time more so it wil stay that way until a mass tidy up session later this afternoon.
* I am looking forward to seeing Sarah, Jack and Ele tomorrow - if they're still free.
* I am pondering how to make more time for proper blogging, as in actually writing words regularly, and not just thinking of posts and pondering on things when awake breastfeeding at 11pm. I even mentally 'write' posts in my head about all sorts of things. I so enjoy reading other people's thoughts on motherhood and green living but find so little time to share my own. Does anyone else find this?
* I haven't yet eaten lunch and am trying to decide what to have.
* I am wondering what my loves will bring back from town.
* I am wondering if the noisy boiler will work for much longer - sound horrendous!
* I am looking forward to natural parenting club next week.
* I just found out about a raw food potluck in cambridge through Annette of Have Raw Cake and Eat It. Thanks to Mummybear for pointing me to the website (and also Claire and The Mother Magazine - Annette wrote a great article).

Ezra is awake (again, poor thing) so my time is up. Hope to post more soon and leave comments on your blog. Bye xx

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa came over for Phoebe's birthday and stayed overnight. I took a few pictures on Monday morning.

Also on Monday we saw Dani and John. No photos but it was so good to see them, play and share food. Phoebe talked their ears off! Hope to see you again soon, perhaps with George? Happy Birthday to John for yesterday! xx

Family Party

We had some family round on Sunday to celebrate Phoebe's birthday. A mini-gathering, with yummy food, and a cake and balloons! The balloons were very important! lol

We don''t have too many pictures as we were so busy but here are a few.

Opening her stackaway 'mobile home' from Grandma and Grandpa. This will be so much fun for taking out with us when we go away and to friends.

Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake! She requested stars and green icing!

Can you guess what it is? Phoebe couldn't. :)

Playing with her dolls house dog from auntie lynsey and uncle andy. Thank you! Sorry you couldn't be there, we missed you. xx

Walking up the garden.

Ezra tried on Phoebe's rainbow garland from Becky.

Thanks so much for coming everyone. I also wanted to mention the people who sadly couldn't make it
- Lynsey and Andy, who are quite far away now, thank you for Phoebe's gift.
- Nicola, John and Rocco, and Fran, and Henry - we hope you are all feeling better soon! xx
Becky - away visiting her family in New Zealand. (and Casper the dog, lol, who Phoebe loves).
- Jonny and Emma - both away at uni and very busy with their courses. Jonny i've been worried sick about as he was mugged on Thurs and left with concussion, a swollen face, a really really black eye and a broken tooth. Luckily he is starting to feel better now and the thugs are in custody having been charged with assault. There is plenty of evidence (cctv and mp3 audio so the case is good). We sent a parcel up a couple of days ago with arnica, rescue remedy etc. Jonny, if you read this we send our love and hope you feel better soon. xx Happy Birthday also to Emma who was 19 (i think) on the 16th! xx


Phoebe turns 3

Can you believe it?! My little girl has turned three. Three whole years old. And I have been a mother for three years (or three years 9 months as i count it).

Russ had the day off and we spent the day quietly and had lunch in town and wandered round (at Phoebe's request). She really does love being out and about and people watching.

She got a digging fork to use in the garden. Can't wait to get out there with that!

A pre-loved tambourine.

A friendly hedgehog. :)

We opened cards.

And then went off to find a present that was hiding. A playframe from my-kea. Perfact as a puppet theatre, shop, cafe, kitchen, house or den! We have had so much fun with it already!

January so far


Drawing (the gruffalo).

Special delivery!

Phoebe has invented a new method of babywearing - no sling required!

More cuddles whilst Ezra explores the sofa. He loves the texture and scratches the surface with his nails.


Cheeky cheeky faces!

Dressing Up

Fairy Phoebe!

Can anyone guess what animal Ezra is? lol.

Stories with Daddy

This was a really lovely moment to capture. Ezra alternated between looking at the book (and trying to chew it) and looking at Phoebe who was holding his hand. :)

Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas Visit

Here are a few photos of Grandma and Grandpa from when they came to visit just after christmas. The visit was cut short as Grandpa felt unwell but they cam back to visit us again for Phoebe's birthday (pics to follow) so we did get more time together.

They gave Phoebe a lovely set of finger puppets for Christmas and Ezra a water stacker and Sophie Giraffe (for teething and its made of natural rubber so nice on gums without being made of plastic). Thank you!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Christmas Montage

Here are our festive photos. Its a shame, when i look through i realise they are near;y all present related. Truth be told we sometimes forget to snap pictures during those quiet moments, and instead only remember when the gift giving was going on. But our christmas was about more than this. We really enjoyed a chance to spend some time with family and just be in each others company. It was great!

Christmas Eve:

Ezra on Christmas eve.

Uncle Andy enjoyts Screwball Scramble - a blast from the past!

Auntie Lynsey reading The Snowman.

Christmas Day:

Phoebe opening her stocking.

Phoebe running about in her new doggy slippers from Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy. Thank you!

Phoebe's new crayon roll from uncle Jonny and Auntie Emma. Thanks! So beautiful. Made by the talented Liz -

Marble run - a lovely present from nana and Grandad. Thank you.

Ezra and me

Phoebe playing Nanny's ukelele.

Grandad helping with Phoebe's slippers.

Wooden storytelling key. Perhaps it belongs to the Tomten?

Ezra 'opening' a gift.

Phoebe's umbrella.

Uncle Jonny got present from Father Christmas too!

Can you guess what Father Christmas brought?

This is Phoebe's treeblock house. So lovely. :)

Boxing Day:

Ezra and Grampy with his rubber duck!

Trying on Grampy's glasses.

Lynsey and Andy reading their presents.

Nana reads The Snowman.

Andy reads The Snowman.

Ezra enjoying one of his presents - a cloth book with all his family in.

Ezra trying on his new jumper - handknit by Auntie Allison! Thank you. He looks so cute in it!

Cuddles and stories with Grampy.

Grampy looking at his new calendar.

Phoebe loved her new chicken puppet from Allison and Malcolm. Thank you!

Phoebe (and Casper) running about. Phoebe got some add ons to her existing train track from Nanny and Grandad. Thanks!

Grampy and Ezra - singing.

Mummy snuggles.

Thank you everyone for making our christmas so special!

Photos of Grandma and Grandpa's visit to follow soon!