Saturday, 12 December 2009


I've been reviewing the BabaSling for The Green Parent magazine (available in Smiths, Waitrose and Sainsburys in January! ;) and here are some action shots. It was fun to try out something different that i wouldn't have necessarily picked myself. My 15 minutes of fame await! lol.

Nana's House

Phoebe enjoyed helping make a quiche - Nana makes the best quiches!

We also 'helped' (ha!) put the tree up and generally had a nice catch up. We're going to go and visit for a couple of days next week too. :)

Afterwards we met up with my antenatal group from when Phoebe was born. I don't think we had seen them since last christmas. We are all very different (or maybe that should be that we are very different. lol) but we get on well and enjoyed having a chat and catch up and seeing how the little ones had grown. Poor Becky was unwell and couldn't come so that meant Phoebe and 6 boys! Hope she is better by now. Good to see you all. xx

Sibling Love

Merry Christmas!

Making A Christmas Decoration

Phoebe has been doing her first sewing project - weaving christmassy ribbons in and out of a disc. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be for but i bought it a while ago from a garden centre craft dept with this in mind. It now hangs proudly on our tree.

New Sling

Here are a few shots of my beautiful new sling in use. It is an Ellaroo wrap in LaRae colourway and was bought preloved from a lovely mama, Rachel at Our Free Range Family. It was her first sling and so was very important to her and has carried her two boys these past few years. Unsuprisingly, she had mixed feelings about letting it go. I just wanted to say a big thank you. We love it. Ezra has been enjoying some different colours to look at and he loves the tassles! It will be used for the years to come by our family now, for Ezra and my future babies. Thanks Rachel. xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

how we are

things are busy right now. i am typing this with ezra asleep on me so apologies for the lack of caps etc. he's usually awake in the eve and phpebe isnt well so has been waking lots in the eve and through the night too. we are also trying to sort christmas presents and keep on top of housework. so generally we are both shattered and have no free time to blog really. i expect it will be like this til the new year really. i hope to fit in the odd update though, here and there. i can't quite believe my little girl will be three in january! and ezra is growing too - he rolled over the other day!
i am starting to finally feel settled here - totally thanks to the wonderful friends i've made - and am looking forward to our children growing up together. today jack announced that the christmas card phoebe made him said she had agreed to marry him! lol. they argue quite a lot but i think there's a little bit of love there underneath - she is always so excited to be seeing him and cites him as her best friend.
i'm even thinking that we now have enough friends to have a party - that people will actually turn up to! perhpas we should take on the mantle of the famous christmas eve parties that my aunt and uncle used to host? not this year though, eh.
anyway, things are manly very good here but busy. and now i must disappear to do some online christmas shopping - i so love etsy!
night xx