Saturday, 24 October 2009

Phoebe loves glasses

Ten little tiny fingers...

A Special Visit

On Thursday it was Natural Parenting Club and we had a lovely day. Sam and Charlie came up in the morning and we had lunch in town before heading over to the group. We also met Mummybear and Littlebear there, which was really nice, and the lovely Barefoot Mummy and her little one.
Afterwards Sam and Charlie came back to ours to play for a bit and Richard joined us after work, along with Russ, for some dinner. It was such a lovely day.

Morning Snuggles

Friday, 23 October 2009

Freed Family Fun!

Last weekend we went to visit the Freeds in Bugbrooke. A great day and so many lovely photos but here are just a few. It was great to see you all. xx

Sophie after lunch.

Me and Ezra

The girls playing.

The Daddies

A touching moment

Russ reads a story

A walk to the park

By the way, if you live near Northampton then be sure to check out Tim's new magazine and website, which can be found at It is a great resource for parents in the area!

Nanny and Grandad visit

Family snaps

I'm really struggling to get longer than a few minutes at a time on the net at the moment but the little one is having a nap on Daddy so here i go. Just how fast can i blog!

Ezra in his new mama-made hat. Check out those funky babylegs - Phoebe was quite miffed at having to share them!

Ezra is starting to find his hands. Lots of sucking and dribbling. When i checked, his first tooth is on its way! He's only 11 weeks! Don't grow up too quickly little one.

This picture is of the amazing sunset we had one night last week. Very odd.

Phoebe on her balance bike in the garden. She loves riding up to the chickens and back on it.


The space rocket we built last week. Don't worry, Ezra was only there for a moment while i took the picture. lol.

Apologies for the weird spacing!

Blog Award

Thank you to the lovely Emma at Rambling Through Wonderland for giving me an award. I think i've been given this before but didn't have time to share.

The rules of this award are to share seven (non-mummy) things about myself and pass the award onto seven blogs I love.

So, here we are...

Seven things about me:

1. I have worked as a bingo steward, playworker, occupational therapist and teacher.
2. I have moved around a bit - I've lived in Hitchin, Stevenage, Coventry, Cardiff, Bedford and am now near Peterborough.
3.I love to knit and crochet and wish i had more time for it - Russ would say i have an immense yarn stash but i refute that comment! I am very envious of waldorfmama's yarn!
4.I love kale... and squashes... and purple sprouting broccoli.... and pumpkin... and parsnip. Actually pretty much all veg.
5. I really really want to live by the sea - west country ideally but anywhere beautiful and coastal would be amazing.
6. I am completely obsessed with SouleMama's blog and books.
7. Like Emma I am a huge Harry Potter fan!

I pass this award onto:

Sam at Charlie's Diner
MummyBear at Slugs and Snails
Denise at A Smile a Day
Sarah at Carried Family
Gina at Our Unschooled Family
Rachel at Our Free Range Family
Claire at Border Stories

That was so hard to choose!
Thank you Emma!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Get ready to rumble!

Check us out at a Toddler Drumming Circle! This was so much fun!

It was run at Simply Kidz in Peterborough. :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Great Giveaway

Just a quick post to say there is a great giveaway on GardenMama's blog. So generous! :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

A funny conversation

Phoebe: Which way do my pants go on Daddy?

Russ: With the Pandas facing me, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Why? Do you like pandas Daddy?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Phoebe's Drawings

A person

A fairy

A camel

A little camel with a belly button

The park. The straight lines near the bottom are the slide and the circles are the wobbly bridge.


A hot air balloon

A crocodile


A hedgehog

Smiles for Daddy

I finally captured some good ones. :)