Sunday, 27 September 2009

New pictures

I have just updated and posted quite a few entries on here so once you have read this page and get to the bottom if you click on the word 'older posts' you can see the rest of the new pictures including of when Auntie Sandra came to visit. :0)

Rebecca, if you're looking for the sling vids and pictures they're on the 'older' page too now. :)


Dollies' Tea Party

Today Phoebe and her dollies Mary and Polly had a tea party. There was water, tea and lots of cake!

Yum yum! Apparently next time Spot is invited!

Oh, and Sam, you might notice that Polly now has a receding hairline! lol. Will ask for your advice and expertise in fixing it! ;-D

A Day in Stevenage: The Park

Jonny and Phoebe on the see saw.

Andy, Ellie and Lynsey chatting.

Lynsey with Ezra

Jonny and Russ on the seesaw

Phoebe has a go

Phoebe loved the slide

Phoebe and Jonny on the seesaw

Phoebe goes on the mini roundabout

I knew there were more photos! Uncle Andy amusing Ezra with his highly entertaining fingers.

A Day in Stevenage

Playing with Uncle Andy with the magnetic cats he and Auntie Lynsey bought her. They also got her some cute 'big girl pants'!

Ezra with Grampy - this blog's biggest fan!

Phoebe (or 'Little Dot') with Grampy

Ezra with Daddy

I'm sure there should be more photos than this. lol. We had a lovely day and it was great to see you all. The park photos are to follow. xx


Silly faces are the best!


Ezra is now smiling! It just fills my heart with joy!

I'll endeavour to get a better picture of the lopsided cuteness but for now here's what we managed to snap. :)

Sling Love

We had a great time this Thursday afternoon at Natural Parenting Club (more about that another time) and this month's meeting was all about slings. Here are a few pictures of Phoebe and me modelling our favourite ones!

Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies there for a great afternoon and especially S for meeting me at the bus station and showing me where is it, and K who showed me a new way to wrap whilst holding Ezra. :)

Sue and Roger

We recently had a surprise visit from Russ's Auntie Sue and her partner Roger. It was great to see them and catch up a bit. Will have to make sure there is definitely a Wingfield Family Gathering next year! Thank you for coming! xx

At Home

He's not really this chunky! lol. Clothes still a bit big!

Our autumn table.

Auntie Sandra comes to visit

Last weekend we had a visit from my Auntie Sandra. It was so lovely to see her. We had lunch together and took a walk around to the shops. Phoebe enjoyed showing her her animals, and she brought Phoebe a present - a little Postman Pat to cuddle. Thank you! xx

Sandra, Nanny, me and Phoebe (with little Ezra in the sling)

Sandra and Ezra

Grandad (taken by Phoebe)

Nanny (taken by Phoebe)

Sandra (taken by Phoebe)

Me (taken by Phoebe)

Grandad and Phoebe sharing a book - the book was a present from Grampy. Thank you! xx

Grandad and Ezra

Nanny and Ezra

Phoebe and Auntie Sandra play balance the cats

Grandad took lots of photos too

Phoebe enjoyed eating a few raw carrots from the garden :)