Sunday, 30 August 2009

New blog to look at

Take a look here green mamas!

Simple Green Frugal Co-op

I just found this wonderful site and there's so much to read.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Barry and Sarah come to visit

Yesterday we had a lovely day with Barry and Sarah. We talked, and played, in the house and then went out to a garden centre. They bought us a tree that we could plant for Ezra! :) We looked around together and we chose a cherry tree called 'sweetheart'. We plan on putting it in a large pot on the patio until we have decided for sure whether we are staying here long term. Thank you so much. It was such a lovely idea and I bet Ezra will love his tree when he's older.


Ezra, I want to remember these moments forever. This is our favourite spot in the evenings once your sister has gone to bed. You feel so soft and warm and i love to lie quietly listening to your breathing and the little sighing noises you make. You are so beautiful. Love, your Mummy xx

The Freeds visit

On saturday we had a visit from our friends Ruth and Tim and their children Alice and Sophie. They brought Ezra a beautiful blanket, which i'm sure will appear in many future pictures here. We relaxed in the house and garden talking babies, what its like to have two children and hearing about their new business venture. Very exciting! We hope to see them again soon.

It was great to see you all. We had a lovely day. Thank you. xx

Phoebe decides to "wash" Alice's face and hands and Alice happily obliges her. Very sweet.

Ruth with Sophie.

Great wedding video

We got sent this recently by my father in law and it made us smile so much. What a great start to married life together. Looks like a really truly joyful celebration!

Visiting Sam

On Friday we went to visit our Friends Sam and Charlie, and also saw Laura J, Hannah and Daniel in the afternoon. Thanks for the lovely day and generous gifts. :)
We also saw Nanny, Grandad, Jonny, Emma, Becky and Grandad again. All in all it was a great day.

There are some pictures Sam took over on her blog. Ezra is looking very cute in them I have to say. Click here to go have a look!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Preschool or Not?

Phoebe is coming up to the age for attending pre-school and i am often asked if she is attending yet. The short answer is no, and she won't be! But here's a great article which sums up my feelings exactly. Thank you to Gina and SunnyMama for posting it!

Click here to read Naomi Aldort's article.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ezra's first two weeks

Here are a few photos of what we have been up to over the past two weeks. We have been having lots of lazy mornings, yummy food, a few trips out, a few visitors, some time in the garden, lots of time on the sofa, snuggles, kisses and learning to be together as a family of four.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.

This is Phoebe with her lovely flower press from Auntie Nicola and Uncle John. They got Ezra some cute clothes too. Thank you!

Grandma and Grandpa came bearing gifts too - a yodelling beaver (?!) for Phoebe, lol, and they bought her a nice top while we were out. They also got Ezra some cute sleepsuits and me, well us, a nursing chair! Here I am using it. Its so comfy and my backache is nearly gone now. Thank you!

Phoebe and Grandpa snuggle up to Ezra.

Sibling love.

Ezra and Daddy.

Phoebe holding Ezra.

Phoebe in the moses basket - her new favourite place to play. This has barely been used as we prefer to carry Ezra in the sling or in our arms and he's really rarely put down. But it has made an interesting place for Phoebe to play. lol.

Bathtime. This is Ezra's first bath. He really enjoyed it - though he didn't like getting out. :-( Poor thing.

Ezra's first foray into harvesting. He slept in the sling while i picked blackberries from our neighbours bush (its ok, they were on holiday and we had permission! lol).

Phoebe and Russ dig up some more potatoes.

Phoebe has been very lucky lately! We bought her this balance bike after we found it substantially cheaper than ones we'd been looking at getting her for her birthday and also the website had a one day only 20% off sale! So instead of waiting we decided to take advantage of the offer and give it to her now. After all, her birthday is in January and its not really bike riding season then... though i'm sure it'll still get used through the winter.

Grampy also bought Phoebe a present - a wheelbarrow! She has been so pleased with it and at the moment it is being used in the house and garden, as you can see! Thank you Grampy!

This is a scene from our dining room after dinner. Phoebe got down from the table and spontaneously started getting things out of the cupboard for a craft activity. She gave herself, Russ and I a piece of paper, lolly stick and some cut out petals each to make a flower. Then she went and got the glue. We were very impressed with her organisational skills!

Russ has been making Phoebe lots of paper boats. We've had them in a big tub, in the bath and sometimes they have had passengers.

Cuddles with Daddy.

Thanks again for all your congratulations. Its really lovely knowing how many people care. I feel honoured to know you all. xx

A few 'before' shots

Just thought i would blog a few photos of the days leading up to Ezra's birth before i forget.

These are the toys Phoebe gave her new baby. We let her pick out something to give him and she chose these carrot and daisy rattles. The hats were knit about a week before Ezra's due date. The white was for him and the orange one was for his cousin, Rocco.

This is the corner of our sun lounge where Ezra was born. I put up lots of positive pictures and affirmations on the walls to help me focus during labour if i needed it. As it turns out i barely had time to give them a glance! lol

These are the letters and beautiful birthing beads i received from my friends. I wore the necklace throughout labour andkept it on for most of the first day. Thank you friends for the support. It was wonderful to know you were thinking of me.

Phoebe loves riding on the back of Daddy's bike... but only in the garden so far.

Phoebe sleeping. This was just so cute.

Produce from the garden. Isn't it beautiful!

I decided to go out barefoot in a thunderstorm and jump in puddles.

Til a huge fork of lightening cracked down directly overhead! Click on the image for a close up of my terrified face! lol

Here's the blanket i knit for Rocco.

Phoebe writing.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Family shots

Auntie Lynsey has her first cuddle.

Uncle Andy feels brave enough to try having a hold.

Proud Uncle Jonny.

Phoebe opens one of her many presents. Thank you.

Phoebe and Auntie Lynsey share a story.

Daddy, Phoebe and Ezra.

Phoebe and Ezra.

Sound asleep.