Thursday, 30 July 2009

Still here

Just to let you know that everything is dine here and we have no news for you yet. Thanks Jacqui for thinking of us. :-D

Just having a quiet time and really the reason for the lack of blog posts is more about the fact that our computer is still broken than anything else. I'm using the laptop for this but i can't really upload any pictures, and to me blogging without pictures feels a little odd. Its getting quite frustrating as i have so many photos on my camera to share here and i can't... not to mention the new baby pictures which we will soon be taking.

It appears we are unable to fix the computer ourselves and our warranty has expired (even though we only bought the PC about 10 months ago) so i'm waiting on hubby to try and come up with a solution. I think we may have to pay someone to come and take a look. Hope to get it resolved soon. It feels qute isolating using the slower laptop and not being able to share images of our life with you all. I so enjoy reading everyone else's blogs and i feel like a bit of a fraud right now for not contributing myself.

I am doing a lot of thinking right now, pondering on other people's thoughts, our goals for family life and our future and thinking a lot about 'voluntary simplicity' as i'm reading "Living Simply with Children", which is a great book so far. I'm sure there will be lots of talking about that in the months to come but i have to keep reminding myself to live in the now - I am expecting a baby any moment, to try and make any kind of plans or priorities is ludicrous. Our whole world is just about to change, in the most exciting way imaginable.

Anyway must go but hopefully the next post will be to announce the arrival of a new little person in our life. We really can't wait!

Friday, 24 July 2009


Having a rearrange of my sidebar but its a work in progress. I need to change my bloglist as i read many more than are listed now. Don't be offended if you're not on there yet. I just need to get some time to add the rest. :)
I also need to add to the links list and a few other bits but time is precious right now. Loving reading your blogs by the way, even if i don't find time to leave a message. xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Things I am loving right now...

A moving package from a group of friends - a birthing necklace with beads chosen for me, and notes to accompany them. It truly brought tears to me eyes. Thank you to you all - Beverley, Liz, Caroline, Susan and the hugest thank you to my dear friend Sam for arranging it all. Massive hugs. xxxxx

This post from Claire about beautiful cloth bottoms!

These acorns and these mushrooms which have arrived from Etsy for Phoebe. She hasn't seen them yet as they're in the 'birthing box' (useful box of distracting things should the need arise).

The Mother Magazine - which has a photo of Phoebe and Russ in this time.:)

The Green Parent article about living off grid.

Peaches in our veg box, green things from the garden (especially peas).

Slings waiting ready to be used and a new teeny romper from Peopletree.

Knitting - two hats for the babe and i'm now ready to cast on for some very funky baby bell bottoms - and crochet - something special for my nephew who is due around the same time as our babe. He'll be Phoebe's first cousin!

Phoebe's talk about her new sibling - they can sit in her chairs, she will read to them and share her toys and 'um-ums'.

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff (I know i should have read it way before now) and Radical Unschooling by Dayna Martin.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Thoughts

Yesterday we had a lovely morning and lunchtime with some friends. We have started a nature based playgroup and as i can't walk that far at the moment i offered to host. We met at our house and walked to the local park to collect twigs and leaves and anything else we could find then brought them back to ours to sit in the garden and craft with. Collages were created and N made a beautiful mobile, which his baby sister loved. The children played together and ran about the house and garden while we chatted and it really was blissful. To be able to be myself fully and talk without interruptions (well, with few interruptions, lol) was wonderful. Thank you Mamas!

This morning I am writing this while a storm is underway outside and my little girl sleeps naked in our bed, exhausted from another late night and early morning. We went out to dinner last night, a spur of the moment decision, and then as Phoebe had had a three hour nap in the afternoon and wouldn't tire for hours we went to walk around a local country park. It was lovely to share some special time together before our family of three becomes four. Seeing Phoebe get so excited about the playground and the animals we saw was a highlight. She even exclaimed "Look Mummy! Its a turtle!" on seeing a bright yellow buoy floating on the water. :)

Today i found this site, which i wanted to share with you crafty types. Its full of wonderful ideas: Future Craft Collective. I am quite excited about the prayer flags and am thinking of making some with Phoebe (moods permitting) later today to decorate our birthing room.

If the rain clears we will also wander round to the local charity shop. We haven't been in ages and I feel there's something there waiting for me. I need some shopping mojo like my friend L who just found this beautiful dress. Not that we need anymore stuff, just that sometimes i feel serendipity is going to present something to me. :D

Have a lovely weekend. xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Still no PC

We're still without our main computer and i'm really missing being able to put pictures on here and blog properly. Hoping we will find a way around it soon - hopefully without losing 6 months of pictures.

Baby is still head down and now sitting very low. He or she shouldn't move again now so i feel we're over last week's panic. This does mean a fair bit of discomfort for me though as it has moved down so quickly! But i'm fine and looking forward to another beautiful birth.

Everything feels a bit in limbo at the moment. We're all just waiting, and getting a few last minute things done - buying a new hose, sterilising the pool etc. It feels strange because i want to find things to fill my time so the days pass quickly but i also feel like i need to relax and enjoy my last few days or weeks with Phoebe. Plus with the heat and my waddling gait i'm not feeling much like getting out and about. What i would really love is to have my dear husband here with me to look after us, play and do a few jobs while i sit and knit tiny things, read uplifting books, cook fresh nourishing meals and snuggle with my girl. But sadly thats in my dream world. *sigh* Wouldn't everyone love that!

I'm off to get on with the housework, plan some meals and write a huge 'to do' list before my head explodes.

I haven't commented on many other blogs for a while but please know that I am still reading your lovely posts Mamas!

Right now I am...

Reading: The Continuum Concept - Jean Liedloff
(next up: The Secret - Rhonda Byrne, In Defence of Food - Michael Pollan and Radical Unschooling - Dayna Martin) Plus many back issues of my favourite magazine, The Mother (and a new Juno and Green Parent).

Drinking: Raspberry Leaf Tea - though i'm hoping we can buy a good blender this week so i can get started on the green smoothies i have coveted so long (like Gina and family)

Eating: Avocados, and salad, courgettes, mange tout, green beans and peas from the garden... and hopefully when our organic veg order comes lots of vitamin k enriched foods

Planning: lots of yummy super healthy meals (and hoping my daughter will eat at least some of them) and also what to call our new babe if its a boy.

Crafting: an ever so soft orange baby hat and some little gnomes.

Playing: dolls house, 'sunny snap', croquet (new wooden indoor set), and shops.

Feeling: a bit overwhelmed with things to do and a toddler who needs a lot of love and attention, but ever so excited!

Love to you all x x x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Broken PC

Just a quick post to say our computer is broken! Its less than a year old and we're not quite sure what has happened but now we only have net access on the laptop, which is quite slow now. So i've not really been about for a while and won't really be about much for the next few weeks either - what without a PC and with a new member of the family to welcome. :) If you are expecting an enail from me though i will try to reply before too long.

In other news we had an unexpected suprise last week when our baby was found to be breech. He or she was lying diagonally across my body with its bum on my right hip and its head under my ribs on the left. At the hospital we had a quick scan to check (and the midwife had been right) and then had to go for a more detailed scan so they could see if they'd be able to offer to try and turn it. This was something i really didn't want to do but the thought of not having a homebirth or worse of being bullied into having a caesarian was a horrible thought. I was trying to summon up all my mama bear courage to know what was right and to protect my babe. Then, while waiting for the scan i was quietly talking to my baby in my head, asking it to please turn round and telling him or her that i was ready for the birth and to welcome him/her to the family. I was thinking to my child 'If you really do want to be born at home in our pool and not in this awful place then you really need to turn and make things easier for us'. We walked into the scan room and I lay down. The moment the image appeared on screen the radiographer pronounced "Oh! Its head down!".

So the drama is over. Who knows what helped - the positions i'd been trying to sit and lie in, the pulsatilla i'd taken, or the little talk we'd had in the waiting room. But babe is now very definitely head down and hasn't moved back.:)

Our sun lounge is now ready for out new arrival and we really can't wait to welcome our baby earthside!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I am in love with Etsy. I can't stop browsing, particularly the waldorf toys. The other day i worked out how to add my 'favourited items' to the sidebar of the blog. Yay! If you click on my name underneath it takes you to the full list. So now you can go see what i've been coveting too. This won't help with your bank account. lol.

If you haven't seen this site before you should check it out and next time you need to buy a gift or something for yourself try and support handmade! I especially love knowing my purchases are helping to support mothers who choose to stay at home with their children, like myself. Many of the talented crafters are work at home mums.

There are also two great UK sites Folksy and Misi which are obviously a lot easier to buy from and would have less of a carbon footprint but they often don't have the stuff i'm looking for... yet. I still keep an eye out though.

I'll leave you with a few of my favourite things...

Feeding the Whole Family

I am just grabbing a minute while Phoebe is napping (though she has woken twice already due to the heat) to tell you about a great new book I have. I fist saw it recommended on my favourite blog, Soulemama, and put it on my wishlist. Since then i kept 'bumping into it' so to speak. I saw it mentioned on a couple of other blogs and Soulemama referred to it yet again last week. I couldn't resist anymore.

As many of you know food and nutrition has been playing on my mind for a long time. I am torn between a couple of main points of view on the subject and while i always try to feed our family well (and we certainly eat better than the majority of people in this country) I don't feel very satisfied. Phoebe is quite tricky to cater for and changing our diet is going to be a long haul job. In fact, the past week her eating has been terrible - but that is a whole other issue and i think more related to my diminishing milk supply and her lack of sleep.

Anyway, I finally caved and splurged on the book above 'Feeding the Whole Family' and i love it! We have already tried a couple of recipes from it which were a success and i feel inspired by the simple nourishing meals and advice offered inside. I would certainly recommend it. In fcat i can barely put it down.

I also wanted to mention a website based around the book with lots of free recipes and videos, called Cookus Interruptus. Well worth a click.

Hope to blog more about the new recipes we've tried soon.