Monday, 26 January 2009

Our news

Hello everyone,

just a quick post to let you know our news. We are expecting another baby!

We have had our 12 week scan and all went well (as you can see from the picture). Baby was very active, kicking and swinging its legs up and down. Phoebe was very good - watching the monitor and saying 'baby!' very excitedly. She now knows there is a baby in Mummy's tummy and seems pleased about it. As i get bigger and she gets older i'm sure she will understand more.
She was very polite to the radiographer and at the end said "I going now. Thank you. Bye".

The baby is due at the start of August (Phoebe will be two and a half by then) and we are hoping for a home waterbirth, as with Phoebe. All is looking good for that at the moment as there have been no complications and i am considered low risk.

So sorry for the total lack of blog posts. I have been (and still am) having quite bad morning sickness, headaches, heartburn, indigestion and generally feeling pretty exhausted - pretty much the same as i was while expecting Phoebe really. Except this time i have to run round after a two year old! So thank you for putting up with me and hopefully i will feel better sooner than last time. I have my fingers crossed for that! As soon as i start feeling better i will begin posting again.

Lots of love to you all,

Laura xxxx

Monday, 5 January 2009

Words, words, words

Phoebe has recently had a bit of a vocabulary explosion and will now attempt all kinds of words. She also now puts words together more so i thought i would share some of our favourite sayings...

"I tummin'! I tummin'!" (I'm coming! I'm coming!)

"Dee do dooo" (See you soon)

"Cyoo me!" (Excuse me!)

"Doy Mamoo" (Sorry Mummy or Mummy's sorry) I only worked this out as she was also signing sorry.

and this morning on holding an apricot from the fruit bowl Phoebe asked a rhetorical question: "Apple or not?"
"NOT!" She exclaimed, dropping it onto the floor.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello! I know, we've been gone a long time. This year we decided to make some of our presents so spent an awful lot of time making soap and bath salts, rolling candles, baking shortbread and making chocolates and fudge, and helping Phoebe to create clay christmas decorations and paint bookmarks. So we were pretty busy in the run up to christmas.

Phoebe loved christmas day. She got a beautiful waldorf doll, a wooden phone, some tree blocks,'the quiet book', and a dolls house, and a few other little bits. She also had some wonderful toys from friends and family - thank you to everyone for your generosity. We will try to post some pictures soon. We were very lucky too!

Unfortunately things all went a bit pear shaped from boxing day when Phoebe's Grandpa (Russ's Dad) was suddenly taken very ill. He is a lot better now, but still in hospital and we are all thinking of him and hoping for a quick recovery. Due to this we have only recently returned home (being away for 7 days rather than 2) so i do apologise to those people who have been waiting on me for things. I will get on to it right away i promise.

Grandpa, we hope you feel much better very soon and are sending all our love.

We hope you all had a lovely christmas and that 2009 brings you much joy and happiness.

Happy New Year!

Laura, Russ and Phoebe x x