Friday, 12 December 2008

Seasonal Swap

Here are some pictures of the beautiful items we received through the Green Parent Forum Winter swap. Lucie and her lovely family sent us a very sweet felted robin, which Phoebe absolutely loves, and a wonderful smelling hand rolled beeswax candle - made by one of her children. It's so nice i can't quite bring myself to light it yet. I just keep sniffing it!

Thank you so much Lucie. x

I would add some pictures of our seasonal table in its entirety but as we are in the middle of decorating it is not the serenely beautiful winter scene i had hoped! The backdrop just does not do the decorations justice! Needless to say we have no other seasonal decorations up yet either - but hopefully things will be much more festive here in a few days!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Busy busy busy

Lots going on here. We've been away at Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy's wedding (which was fantastic!) and been to visit Auntie Nicola and Uncle John. We've got our winter swap for our seasonal table (thank you to Lucie and family x) and been starting to make christmas presents. All sorts of things. Please be patient with us, we are hoping to blog again very soon!

Oh, and while i remember... some people have asked about christmas presents. We are trying to make most of ours this year - a first! We have bought Phoebe presents (as we are currently useless at woodwork! lol) but have chosen simple toys made of natural materials - wood and fabric mainly. We do have amazon wishlists which can be found on the right hand side of this page - somewhere it should say 'our wishlists', which i said i would let people know about. Though really we don't need a lot. We are just looking forward to your company this festive season! :)

Pictures for GP LETS

Crocheted Scarf in Rowan Ribbon Twist

Monday, 1 December 2008

First of December

This year we decided to put our cloth advent calendar to good use and use the little pockets for some fun. I am hoping in future years to make our own special calendar and put litle bits of paper in each pocket with fun family activities in but this year we are a little short on time and Phoebe is still a bit young to understand. So we decided to have an animal advent calendar. Each morning when Phoebe wakes and comes downstairs there will be a different little wooden animal waiting to meet her.

Here is the first one - a giraffe. Phoebe was very pleased to see him and exclaimed 'Tall! Tall!' as she loves Jane Hissey's Old Bear Stories and her favourite is about the giraffe, Jolly Tall.

This morning we have played lots of games of hide the giraffe and sung songs to him. :)

Making a bird feeder

As per instructions in Green Parent magazine - or to be more precise as i remembered without checking. So not perfect but hopefully the birds will like it.

Dollies like 'ite yurt'

I love my daughter's fashion sense!

This was a dolly tea party - but we had yoghurt rather than the traditional tea.

Apparently dolly liked to play with the yoghurt with her fingers.


Phoebe's new napping spot