Saturday, 29 November 2008

Daddy's Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Daddy's phone.

Phoebe asleep on my knee when she was ill. Poor thing. This was after the temperature had subsided but she was still exhausted. Thankfully a lot better now, but still got a cough and cold. :(

Sharing some quiet reading time.

Reading our 'autumn' book on Daddy's lap.

At the park with Daddy.

In Nanny's bed.

Trying to get undressed herself. A very good attempt i think!

Aarh. We be pirates!

Rockin' the funky snowboarder look.

My famous friend Charlie

I realised the other day i forgot to mention that our friend Charlie is famous too!

She is in a book about 'Baby-Led Weaning'!

Here is her blog post about it - click here!

You can also see photos of the book launch if you click here!

Here is the book's website and if you click on photo gallery and scroll down you can see more pictures of Charlie.

You can see the book on Amazon by clicking here.

Woo! Go Charlie!

New Videos

Here are a couple of videos that Grandpa filmed when he and Grandma were here last:

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Famous Uncle John

Uncle John was in the Sunday Telegraph recently! We nearly forgot to blog about it but here is the article:

You can find it online to read by clicking here.

Isn't he clever!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Isn't it a monster!

Last night we enjoyed out first celeriac - first of many i might add. There's a herd of them growing out there!

It was delicious mashed with a little butter and seasoning.

Grandma and Grandpa visit... and help us strip the walls

Grandma enjoying her wholemeal scone.

Grandpa and Phoebe playing back some recently filmed videos. Phoebe loves watching herself!

Daddy and Phoebe stripping wallpaper.

Our newly naked lounge walls - my they have an intersting pattern!

So at the moment our lounge generally looks quite horrible. Can't wait for it to be decorated - must get a move on.

Some things that have kept us amused this week

Playing with pipecleaners. I thought Phoebe might like poking them in and out of holes in containers like we had seen on the Chasing Cheerios and Montessori Mama blogs. But Phoebe wasn't interested in this at all and instead made lots of headbands and necklaces. :)

We also played with rice earlier this week - it was left over from a craft project a while ago and was all different colours - and there were a few dried lentils and coriander seeds in there for good measure. Phoebe enjoyed pouring it and scooping it in her hands... for a few minutes before she decided it looked best on the floor. Thats toddlers for you. :) We did then spend some time sweeping up together. Phoebe has her own dustpan and brush which we got from Myriad a while ago.

We have done quite a lot of painting too. This was some squidgy painting we did using finegr paints and a natural sponge ripped into bits. Phoebe enjoyed it but was a little annoyed at the sponge after a while for getting all gunky.

While Phoebe did this I started a secret project... here's a sneak preview of the crafting in action.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

October Photos

The past few weeks we have been mostly...

Taking self portraits.

Bringing home a few books - new to us.

Sharing stories.

Playing with fuzzy felt.

Playing with our lovely autumn leaves from the GP autumn table swap.

Making raised beds.

Loving our new welly boots!

Looking cool!

Drawing lots of owls.

Scrunching up lots of owls.

Painting leaves.

Making apple sauce.

Inventing a new character - 'Daddy Tumble' - arguably the funniest photo ever!

Painting night time pictures.

Making spiders.

Drawing pumpkin pictures.

Here's Mummy's...

and Phoebe's.

and celebrating Halloween.

Meet Jack!