Tuesday, 28 October 2008

New Words

We were sitting at the table after dinner and Phoebe asked to read a book, a specific book, with her Daddy. She asked for "Owl Add". Repeatedly and very clearly. We were stumped. We helped her down from the table and she wandered off to her bookshelf before pulling out her Barefoot "Whole World" book. She was saying 'World Hands' (He's got the whole world in his hands).

That book will now forever be known to us as 'owl hands'. ;-)

Phoebe is having a vocabulary explosion at the moment and is attempting all kinds of new words from 'wow' to 'pea'. But a couple of days ago she made the big step of putting two words together for the first time. She said 'Bye Owl', and then 'Bye Dad'. Since then we have had 'Bye Mum' and 'Bye Nan', though if she is unsure of a word - like giraffe for example - she usually sticks with either Owl or Dad. Tonight this turned into a game with her saying 'Bye Mum' as she shut the lounge door on me before bursting in saying 'Boo!'. She was very proud of herself, and we are too.

Excuse me waiter!

Last night we ate out - something we never do - and i thought i'd share a moment with you.

At home when Phoebe has finished her meal she says 'Ta' and passes her plate to Daddy. Last night in the restaurant was no exception, apart from that she had noticed the way the waiter came and took our plate when we had finished our starter. So when she had finished her meal, she passed her plate to Daddy with the obligatory 'Ta' and then started shouting, though not too loudly thank goodness, "Man!" in an attempt to attract the waiters attention!

He wasn't around at the time and although we explained that he would come back soon she spent the next few minutes scanning the room and muttering under her breath while we quietly giggled.

Crown Lakes Country Park

Last Wednesday was our wedding anniversary and we decided to go on a morning walk around a local country park. It was such beautiful weather and Phoebe loved it. We hadn't been before and only found out about it by chance really - we saw a sign to it when driving through the next village. It looked a reasonable size on googlemaps but it was hard to tell what it would be like until we actually went. No one had mentioned it to us and we hadn't seen it advertised anywhere. Luckily it was beautiful. The usual place people go around here when they want to get fresh air is Ferry Meadows, which is large and open and has lakes and play areas and a couple of cafes. This place felt much wilder. Where Ferry Meadows is open and grassy, Crown Lakes is winding and woody. There were paths with steps, stiles, and an altogether more magical feeling - at least on the day we went anyway. We'll definitely be going back often.

Autumn Leaves

These pictures were taken the weekend before last. We began raking up the leaves to mulch them. Phoebe loved joining in and tried to make a giant leafcastle using the trug.


Another new hat for Phoebe using handspun wool.

A 'somehow we missed this' picture!

They really suit you Grandpa!

Random snaps

Another face made in playdough.

Some new and favourite books.

Chef reading to Phoebe while he and Cav were here visiting.

Pure cuteness!

Autumn Seasonal Table

This was taken last week and has become more chaotic since! I'm planing on doing a bit of rearranging and finishing the window display which i started so more pics soon.

Crafty Crafty

A few of our recent ventures:

Scarf for Becky.

Playdough faces by Phoebe - I made the balls and she did the features all by herself.

Bugs by Phoebe.

Hat for a new arrival. :)

Phoebe's winter hat - started earlier this year but it sat hibernating til a few weeks ago. ot the best picture of it and the brim isn't meant to be turned up but i'm pleased with it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Today we have been...

...being Messy Monsters (with Daddy too)!

...packing apples for storage.

...crocheting a delicate scarf for a friend.

...trying to persuade Phoebe to nap.

...getting back into the swing of eating healthily.

...feeling exhausted, but

...enjoying the autumn sunshine and having Daddy home.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Things that have made me smile today

Watching Phoebe filling up the trug with fallen leaves and then turning it over and patting the bottom - trying to make a 'leaf castle'.

Delicious roast dinner and cheesecake made by our friend Cav.

Enjoying some quiet time reading 'Free Range Education' and The Mother magazine.

Watching Phoebe and our friend Chef playing with chalks on her easel, and with playdough - her current favourite activity.

Finishing a little present for a new arrival - welcome to the world Nathaniel!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Playing in the garden today

Phoebe and Charlie

Yesterday we went to the East of England Autumn Show and met Sam, Rich and Charlie there. We had a lovely time seeing the animals and stalls and the girls did really well - managing to stay awake and pretty lively for the whole day - especially Charlie who turned out to be poorly. Here's a few pictures of them tearing around after lunch.