Friday, 26 September 2008

Holiday Photos: After the storm at Charmouth Beach

After a stormy night and morning we headed down to the beach at charmouth, famous for its fossils. We found that the cliffs had taken a bit of a battering and the fossil hunters had been in to see what the crashing waves had uncovered. there were piles of precisely cut slate all over the place and evidence of fossils having been removed. There were still lots of people looking.

We had a quick peek and found a few little fossils and some iron ore which was buried in lumps in the soft clay. But then we sat on the beach and relaxed.

Phoebe joins in with frisbee.


Auntie Lynsey building a sandcastle mansion.

Phoebe and Daddy.

A little escapee makes a run for the sea, but Uncle andy foils her cunning plan.

Hmmm... sand castles.

Phoebe the castle destroyer!

Ha ha ha!

Phoebe interrupts a moment.

Lynsey and Andy.

Daddy takes Phoebe to the sea.

Holiday Photod: More Beach Pictures

Phoebe's Boat (we wish).

Holiday Photos: First Beach Moments

Phoebe's first time on the beach. Here we are at Lyme Regis. You can see she's really not sure what to make of it at first.

Uncle Andy dug a big hole.