Monday, 18 August 2008

Guess the year!

I had a tip off that the new books are put out on Monday in our local charity shop so i decided to take Phoebe and have a look this morning. We found some great cookbooks - River Cafe and Antonio Carluccio - and a few things for Phoebe. But also a few books about decorating party cakes. I just had to share a few of the cakes. Can you guess the year?

This picture reminds me of a certain Wham song. :-D

Homegrown meal

On Sunday we managed to get almost a whole lunch from our own produce. First we went up to the veg patch and dug over a patch of earth ready for more carrots. Then we picked some chard and baby kale leaves.

We had a peek at our pumpkin to see how its doing.

Then we went back for lunch - pasta and tomato sauce. The sauce was all ours - shallots, garlic, tomatoes, chard and kale. It tasted really good.

We had our first lunch al fresco in our newly tidied courtyard.

In the afternoon we went to Roxton Garden Centre and met Nanny, Grandad, Uncle Jonny and Grampy there for afternoon tea.

Busy Saturday in the garden

We've had a lovely weekend (which has cheered me up after a tough week) and thought we'd share some pictures.

This picture was taken on Thursday at our local coop, or Rainbow as its known here for some reason. The day did go downhill somewhat from here but i do love the picture. Its great now Phoebe will smile for pictures.

Snack time in the garden, enjoying the summer sun - while it lasts.

Phoebe signing aeroplane. She is really fascinated by them at the moment and gets excited when she hears one coming.

Phoebe and Daddy playing a game - a sort of treasure hunt finding hidden items in the hay.

Phoebe hiding in her play tent. There's a couple of holes you can peek through to say peekaboo!

Phoebe peeks out of the tent door.

I plaited the onions and garlic and left them to dry further, along with the shallots in the net. Woo! Yay for the homegrown revolution!

More onions harvested and ready to be spread out to dry.

Phoebe has discovered to henhouse! She has had great fun climbing in and out and calling us from inside and peeking out of the 'windows'. It looks like some kind of prison playhouse... or Guatanamo Bay playset.

We have aubergines growing! Woo.

We hid the wheelie bins away under the carport and prettied up the place where they were. So now i don't have to look out at bins from the sun lounge. Yay!

We tidied up the courtyard so its useable.

We dug up more potatoes.

Picked more tomatoes.

Picked our first plums. We were told they're victoria but my grandad thinks they're czar. They were yummy.

We planted some mizuna and spinach in a little gap between our drive and the fence.

Phoebe threw compost everywhere.

Here she is showing off her mucky hands.

Watering them in with Daddy.

Beautiful flower which has appeared in amongst the weeds in the big back bed. Any ideas what it is?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What we've been up to

Nanny came to stay. She helped Mummy have a big clean up and we had lots of fun singing and playing games.

I have been loving my kitten nightie from Grampy!

Saturday was rainy and i had a good nap so Mummy got to relax.

On Sunday we went to 'WingFest' (otherwise known as the Wingfield family gathering). We were so busy we forgot to take any pictures so we'll have to get some from Grandpa when he uploads them and put them on here. We had lots of fun and i really enjoyed playing with Spencer the dog, feeding (Great) Auntie Sue's fish and playing at the park.

On Monday morning we made bread - real bread with kneading and everything and no bread machine. Yay!

I've been getting very quick at coming up and down the stairs on my own.

Today we made rainbow biscuits. We made dough in four colours and then rolled them into balls and then into snakes. It was fun.

Don't they look great!

The finished product

We've done lots of quick pictures.

Today we went to Messy Monsters and i did some more hand prints.

We made a spotty dog puppet there.

Last week at Messy Monsters i made hand prints on canvas. They are up on the wall in the dining room. I am so proud of them and tell everyone about them. I even tell Mummy and Daddy several times a day. Its the first time i have deliberately got messy with paint and the first handprint i've done since i was tiny.

I often get messy with pens though.

Daddy has made me some threading beads by drilling holes through a few of our wooden blocks. Mummy might paint them but they're quite nice like this too.

Mummy has been knitting a hat for Save the Children (and hopes to do several more) and will blog about that soon. She is joining in with the lovely ladies of the Green Parent Forum and hopes to get on there sometime soon if her computer will let her!