Monday, 28 July 2008

The Masters' are back!

for a limited time only!

We got to see them on Sunday at my Mum and Dad's house and they met Phoebe for the first time. We had a lovely day. Emigrating to New Zealand is so tempting - hope we can go and visit them soon!

A few photos from the past week

Phoebe helps Daddy build a compost bin.

We found a frog.

The tomatoes are growing.

We've had lots of dolly tea parties.

Phoebe cools herself off with a splash in the water.

We went for a walk and found a footpath which led under a railway bridge...

and out into the fields.

We also found a small park at the end of the road.

We picked up a few things for our seasonal table on our way.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Equality Bill Protest

Here is a short video (thanks to Nocton4 as i found it on her blog) of last Friday's protest about the Equality Bill. We really wanted to make it but were unable to in the end. I am still incredulous about the bill - it only protects breastfeeding mothers and their babies up to the age of 6 months! So hungry babies feeding in public after this cut off point have no protection. No wonder Unicef ranked the UK as one of the worst places to raise children. This country just does not take the needs of children seriously.

Thank you to the people who organised and attended this demonstration. You are an inspiration!

Playroom window july 08

Just thought i'd snap a picture of our playroom window at the moment. I kind of see it as an extension of the seasonal table. The butterflies at the top are made of tissue paper layered with glue. Once it was dry i cut them out. The bigger butterfly we made at art group. Not the best picture. its hard to get a good angle as the sun lounge kind of gets in the way. :)

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Fairies eating dinner

Phoebe loves her Fairy Boot

A few newly made toys

Felt play food - ravioli with tomato sauce, cheese slices.

Button box - fun for looking at, touching, putting one in each compartment, or several. Phoebe likes me to tell her what colour they are as she puts them in. Thanks Sam for the idea!

A play crown.

These photos were too cute to just include one. The crown is taken from
The Creative Family, a wonderful book by Amanda Blake Soule, aka SouleMama.

A felt block. I just made one but made it really big to be used like a ball. Lots of fun to throw.

A sock puppet snake. He needs a name. Suggestions?

Summer matching cards downloaded from Montessori for Everyone which we spotted on the Chasing Cheerios blog. They're great. Thanks.

Finally here's a picture of our seasonal table as it is at the moment.


We decided to dig up a whole row of potatoes.

We were quite suprised by how many we had.

Phoebe decided to see if potatoes fit in milk containers (used as cane toppers). Turns out they don't.

New kale and chard in the old broad bean bed.

Phoebe enjoying a sit out on the pergola while Daddy fixed the fence.

Summer painting

On Friday we decided to do some painting with summer colours and make some things for our seasonal table. We had red, yellow and two shades of orange and Phoebe painted sugar paper (which will be made into suns for the wall soon), stones (which made a nice change from flat surfaces) and a glass jar so we could turn it into a tealight holder. Phoebe enjoyed the painting, as she always does, and was intrigued by the rocks. We used a mixture of ready mix paint and pva glue.

These projects were inspired by the Unplugged Project. The past two weeks themes have been stone and glass.

The final product, lit on our table.

A few things we're loving right now

Yummy home made flatbreads - recipe from River Cottage Family Cookbook.

Phoebe's cute new sandals.

Rolling about on the floor... well, Phoebe seems to be loving it anyway!

Sprouted beans. These are Sky Sprouts Mixed Sprouted Beans from our River Nene veg box but we also grow our own. Phoebe adores them.

Lovely inspiring magazines which validate our parenting choices and give us lots of food for thought. They're full of so many good ideas and interesting articles covering subjects dear to our hearts.

Coveting this camping holiday featured in the latest issue of The Green Parent. Gorgeous.

Raw food!

A portrait of Mummy

Phoebe has taken to drawing pictures on paper and her sketcher and telling us what they are. Most of the time they are either 'swings' or 'a man'. The other day i was honoured to be immortalised in one of Phoebe's drawings. May i present an artistic impression of my breasts!

Chalking in the garden

Friday, 18 July 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

We decided to try an idea we found on another blog, Sycamore Stirrings, so this week we took part in Muffin Tin Monday! Actually, we liked it so much we did it twice!

Starting top left: Red - cherry tomato and red pepper, Orange - raw carrot and eggy bread (not quite orange but it looked nice there), Yellow - yellow pepper and cheese, Green - cucumber and mange tout, Blue - rice cake with blue dots, Indigo/Violet - raisins.
The theme of the week was rainbow so i did my best to prepare something for each colour.

Phoebe sharing raisins with Mona.

Muffin tin out again for Sunday!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Urgh. Computers.

Still having a few technical difficulties but will try to soldier on. Phoebe is napping. Yay! First morning nap for days so hopefully she'll go to bed earlier today. We've been doing a fair bit of experimenting on the kitchen - almond and banana cookies, plum crumble, flat breads, homemade pizza. All but the pizza turned out well. Won't be using that recipe again.

Really enjoying some discussions on the Green Parent forum at the moment - lots of interesting people - and have decided to join in with the book club by reading Naomi Aldort's book Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. So i'll probably be discussing that, along with other books i'm reading right now over on my blog.

The weather is horrid today, and cold. Its July. Where's Summer?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Our weekend

On Thursday we painted in the garden with homemade paint.

Here's Phoebe collecting stones. Any ideas what to do with this gravel area?

On Thursday afternoon we caught the train to Stevenage. It was quite fun really.

On Friday we saw some friends including baby Chloe, Faith's new little sister. She is gorgeous!

On Saturday we met with some of our antenatal class friends at Rhythms of the World in Hitchin. Phoebe chilling on the blanket.

Here's Rebecca, who did not stay still for one minute!

Jacob with his Mummy, Lynsey.

Samuel giving the others the obligatory 'wiser than thou' look. :)

He was really pleased with himself when he climbed into his buggy on his own.

Rebecca and Phoebe feeling the music with Rebecca's Mummy, Julia.

We went for dinner at Zizi's. It was a bit tricky keeping everyone entertained while we waited for our food. Samuel and his Daddy, Matt, examine a wrist pass.

Family chins!

Lynsey getting a bit of practice - so this is what it will be like with two children!

Rebecca enjoyed her food!

Jacob trying to find a way out. As we were getting ready to go he did actually make a dash for the door in lightening quick time!

Phoebe signs home. She's ready for sleep.

Phoebe and Nanny in the garden.

Phoebe exploring the garden. Its quite wild and exciting!

Grandad found a newt.

Phoebe liked playing with the washing line.