Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Worthwhile Petition

If you have time (and it only takes a few seconds) it would be really good if you could sign this petition to make breastfeeding in public legally acceptable. It is an issue we feel strongly about and having this protection enshrined in law will make a big difference to breastfeeding Mums and babies. Thank you.

In case the clicky link doesn't work you can reach it here:

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Phoebe's Current Favourite Books

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle

Oh Dear! - Rod Campbell

Where are Maisy's Friends? - Lucy Cousins

Maisy Dresses Up - Lucy Cousins

Maisy's Train - Lucy Cousins (Phoebe loves Maisy!)

Goodnight Moon - Margaret Wise Brown

Mirror Me - Baby Einstein (Likes pulling faces into the mirrors)

Postman Pat: Hide and Seek with Jess (She's never watched Postman Pat but Jess looks like Jessie Cat from Sing and Sign)

Peppa Pig: Shapes

Splash! - Sarah Garland

Dear Zoo (by Road Campbell) has taken a back seat for now.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Afternoon in the garden

We spent a lazy day at home today and all had a lovely quiet afternoon in the garden. Russ dug, Phoebe dug (and played with her slide, hat and sunglasses) and i sat down on the grass and worked on a present for one of Phoebe's new friends. Bliss!

Thanks to Auntie Nicola and Uncle John for the great gardening tools! Phoebe loves using them!

The pea trench.

Check out that gorgeous sky!

Can you guess what it is yet?

Recent pics

"Uncle Jonny, I want THAT one!"

Phoebe's newest friend, Violet Bear, posing by the fireplace! She was fun to make.

Phoebe seems to like her...

...and even offered to share her biscuit!

First strawberries of summer - straight from the veg patch!

Messy Play

This week we've played with sand and made some gluey pictures using dried foods - red lentils, aduki beans, pasta, buckwheat and packing stuff (sweetcorn based i believe).

Phoebe was unsure of the sand to start with and would only touch it with her 'spade' (a large picnic spoon). We put some play sand in a large gravel tray and used yoghurt pots and small cups to make sand castles.

Here is Phoebe, again feeling a bit unsure about having lentils stuck to her fingers. In the end I had to wipe her hands clean to get the glue off and from then on i was glue lady and she was the lentil sprinkler.

Had to share this cute pic of Phoebe from breakfast on friday - she had such mad hair!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Garden update

We've grown stuff!

Here are our first few broad beans!

Beautiful gooseberries!

Potatoes - we've checked and we do actually have some potatoes under all that earth!

Shallots, garlic and onions!


Well, not quite so impressive. We haven't done so well on the carrot front. I think it was all the weeds that spang up so quickly. But nevermind.

Here is one of our first strawberries (the first one having been eaten by birds!).

Babycorn growing nicely.

A pumpkin - i think. Russ may correct me.

Phoebe and Daddy laughing about the chickens next door.

The wilderness at the bottom of the garden. Hope the local wildlife is enjoying it.

Wow. We still can't quite believe its working! Aren't seeds magic.

Fathers' Day

Hello Daddy!

I know it was Fathers' Day yesterday but we were too busy then to blog. I hope you had a nice day and liked playing with me at the show.

I hope you liked my card and presents.

This is a picture of you.

One day you'll look back at these pictures and remember how small I am now...

...and remember your first few Fathers' Days. There are so many memories still to be made, and Mummy will be there with the camera to snap them...

...especially now I've learnt to smile for the camera.

You are the best Daddy in the world and I love you so much!

Love Phoebe xxxxx

My very own room!

Exciting news everyone! I now have my very own room! It might be quite a long while before i sleep in it but i am enjoying getting used to it. Mummy also has a new craft room - you can read about that by clicking here.

This weekend Mummy and Daddy took down the big old antique iron bed that was in there and moved it out along with some other furniture. Then they moved in my stuff. Luckily they didn't need to paint the room as it had quite pretty wallpaper already. Mummy says she want to make me some new curtains, some bunting and a couple of nice blankets or quilts for my bed, and i still need a lightshade but overall we think it looks quite nice. A bit bare at the moment but here it is.

My room:

My wardrobe (the bags have soft toys in):

My chest of drawers:

My fireplace:

Mummy says this is a bit special but its not in great condition so we'll have to find something to fit inside the bottom and hide the cracked plate.

My toy bags:

My bedside chest of drawers (with JC Bunny sitting on top):

Me on my big girls' bed:

Practicing getting down on my own using the bed rail:

It's lots of fun.

I like to get up and down again and again.

But someone has to help me up at the moment. It's quite high.

Here is the view from my bedroom window.

But for now (until i feel ready) this is where i sleep:

We all love our big bed. It is a very special place and i know that even when i feel ready to sleep on my own in my big new room there will always be a place for me here.