Thursday, 22 May 2008

Grandma and Grandpa

Here are a few pics from this weekend when we had some special visitors.

Phoebe and Grandpa share a banana on the bottom step.

Phoebe helps to finish the last piece.

The bonfire - burning the tree that got chopped down last time.

Grandma cooks Phoebe breakfast.

Phoebe enjoying a slice of 'toast'.

In the park with Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy

Our last trip back to Stevenage when Lynsey and Andy were there.

Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy.

Phoebe plays football...

while Daddy makes a daisy chain?!

PLaying with Uncle Andy.

Spot the ball.

Down the slide.

Just chillin'.

Walking through the woods.

Bumps and Babes

Here are a few pictures from the last time i hosted Bumps and Babes at my parents' house.

Hannah having a chew.

Faith having a drink.

Phoebe in her 'threadless' tee.

Liz and George.

Susan and Tabitha.

Charlie offers me a hat.

Madness i tell ya! Is this the new Oasis tribute band?

Random photos from April and May

We haven't posted any pics on here in a while so i thought i'd do a catch up post and put up some random pictures from the past month or so.

Phoebe's playroom window.

We're hoping one day to get Phoebe one of these playhouses as we have space in the garden. Probably won't be til next summer, or afterwards but we had a look at the garden centre and they were amazing! We thought of our friend Charlie when we saw this one!

A Phoebe's-eye view of Casper, the cute neurotic fluffy fur-baby!

A Phoebe's-eye view of Uncle Jonny. Have you seen that Supergrass video for 'Pumping on your stereo'?! Hehehe.

Phoebe decides that her dolly buggy is more fun if she gets pushed around in it.

Look at that immaculately weeded bed!

Phoebe plays with water outside on a hot day.

In the car on the way to Living Crafts at Hatfield House. We met Charlie and her Mummy and Daddy and had a really fun day out. Both Mummies showed amazing restraint in the face of prime spending conditions!

Cool hair Phoebs!

Phoebe's 'inspiration wire' (a la SouleMama) - a place to peg up her pictures.

Who's been eating chocolate?

Part of our veg patch - coming along slowly.

Our rhubarb going mad!

Spring is here!

Very cool shades. A good look i think.

Phoebe has her hat on. Hip hip hip hooray...

Racing driver Phoebe.

Our patched up greenhouse.

She doesn't have chocolate very often, honest. Its just the pictures are so cute!

More pics to follow.