Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Barry and Sarah Come to Visit

This weekend Mummy and Daddy's friend Barry came to visit with his girlfriend Sarah. We hadn't met her before so it was really nice getting to know her. I liked her a lot and had a lovely time trying to impress her with my keyboard playing and hiding skills!

Barry had an amazing camera and took lots of really good photos of me. Mummy says she wants some framed! We went out for lunch and they stayed over til Sunday morning. I hope we can see them again soon!

It was really hard to choose some but here are a few pictures of the weekend:

If anyone would like a copy of any of these photos to have printed just let me know andi'll email you a copy. Thanks again to Barry for the great pics!

A few random pics

Microwave puffy paint - 1 tbsp self raising flour, 1 tbsp salt, a splash of food colouring and a bit of water to make a paste. Paint your picture like so:

Microwave for 10-30 seconds to make a pretty puffy picture - shame i didn't snap the end result. Great fun! Thanks Sam for the link for how to do this (which i have lost now).

Some of Mummy's birthday goodies! (Mummy says Thank you everyone!)

Painty face!

Grow, grow, grow!

Grow little tomatoes!

A Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

A couple of weekends ago Grandma and Grandpa came to see us. They worked really hard in the garden! Grandpa and Daddy chopped down the big tree so we can have a nicer view up the garden and i have more space to run. Then Grandpa pressure washed our patios and Grandma did lots of weeding for us while daddy did some digging. Me and Mummy came to help plant the potatoes. We went out for a lovely meal too and had lots of time to play. It was lovely to see them!

Here are some photos:

Lazing about on the veg patch.

Running on the spongy grass.

Checking out our soil quality.


Potatoes finally in (2nd earlies)

Marking out which veg are where.

Daddy is proud of his garden.

On the swing with Grandma.

A story with Grandma

Reading a story with Grandpa

A much cleaner patio!

The tree was no more!

There may be more photos to come if Mummy can figure it out!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Phoebe loves painting!

Since we did wet on wet watercolour painting the other day Phoebe has been desperate to do it again so we had another go. We both really enjoyed it!
Phoebe lets me know what she wants to do by pointing at our art shelf and signing 'painting' or 'drawing'.

Today's crayon picture.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A trip to Ferry Meadows

We had a lovely walk around Ferry Meadows on Monday afternoon. Rebecca and Noah came to pick us up in their car and we met Clare and Emily there.

We loved exploring the path around the lakes on our trikes.

Noah looked after me really well and showed me how to use the climbing frame and slide. We held hands on the way home!

Following in Daddy's Footsteps?

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Watercolour Painting

Today i did some painting with Mummy. She completely covered some watercolour paper with water and then let me lose with the watercolour paints. I loved watching the colours spread. It was lots of fun!

Here is the finished picture. Mummy has put it up on the wall in my playroom. We think it looks quite good.

More to come on watercolour painting in Mummy's blog soon.

New Toys!

Today was very exciting! The doorbell rang on three seperate occasions and Mummy took parcels from the postmen... some new toys had arrived!

First came the parcel from Toykind.

It was this jungle block.

We did do some playing inbetween opening parcels.

Next came our order from Myriad.

A little dustpan and brush for sweeping up - we love role play.

We got some special wax crayons for drawing on glass and Mummy is drawing me a spring flower garden.

This is a set of stacking bowls which might seem babyish but are actually a lot of fun! The can be stacked up, put in and out of each other, used to hold things, used to be other things like cups of tea or dishes and used with other construction stuff.

Not toys but we got some amber teething beads. Hopefully this might help me feel a bit better.

The third package came from Laughing Bear Toys. The things inside were packaged so nicely i even tried tasting them!

Here are a few bits of wooden play food to go with the stuff that Mummy is hoping to knit and the plastic pieces i already have.

Mummy bought some blocks as i only had a few that used to be Uncle Jonny's. Not enough to build much.

Now i have a lot more. They're hand finished stained Ostheimer blocks and they're irregular shapes. Towers get really interesting!

The last toy in this box was this wobbly man.

He is like a traditional stacking toy but he has no middle pole and the wooden pieces are magnetic instead so they feel fun to play with.

Our last toy was very special. Mummy says she had wanted to welcome her into our home for ages but it wasn't until she saw my friend Charlie's dolls Pink Polly and little Ana that she decided we should definitely get her. Introducing Mona!

Who is this and why is she wrapped in plastic?

This is Phoebe's new friend, Mona!

She is a Ruben's Barn Cosmos Dolly, and despite Phoebe's face she actually loves her to bits! Phoebe means Moon Goddess so Mona, or Moonie as she's known in her native Sweden, seemed perfect for her.

Mummy, do you mind! Mona and I are getting to know each other. This is little girl stuff.

Cute note that came with Mona. Translated interestingly.

Phoebe offers her new friend some food...

...and brushes her hair.

Expect many more posts on Mona as she appears to be very popular. Phoebe seems to think she's real and wanted Mona to climb on her wheelybug herself this afternoon. Nope, i wasn't allowed to help. She was most cross when i offered poor Mona assistance. There she was patting the wheelybug and making eye contact and well, just waiting for her to come to life!