Monday, 31 March 2008

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Introducing Phoebe's Playroom

This weekend we decided that we would turn the study into a playroom. I have written more about that on my blog - click here. I will also be writing more about it on my blog soon.

Here are some pictures of the playroom once we were finished. There is a lot more we want to do and we have bought a few new toys which are on their way. Its very exciting. Phoebe loved it!

Opening the door to the playroom.

Phoebe crawls inside to investigate!

Exploring the toys in their new homes.

The shelves display the toys quite nicely but we'd like some lower ones at some point.

Not the best photo but this is her kitchen area.

Phoebe's new chalkboard (magnetic whiteboard on reverse) and art equipment on shelves above.

Teaset on low shelves with the play food and dolly bath.

Soft skittles - we've used lots of baskets for storage.

Phoebe's rainbow - this is probably MY favourite toy!

Phoebe playing in her playroom today.

We have also set up a seasonal or nature table, more about this here, and here. Also more to come on this on my blog.

Our seasonal table so far - daffodils picked from the garden yesterday. We intend to add to it as time goes on.

Phoebe's Daycare

Personally i think standards are slipping.

A few Easter Pictures

Just a few pictures from Easter.

Phoebe opening an Easter present from Nanny and Grandad.

Playing with her new tea set.

Tea for four.

On Easter Sunday we went to Great Auntie (hehe) Allison and Great Uncle (hehe) Malcolm's house. I saw lots of Mummy's cousins and Aunties and Uncles. It was lots of fun. I enjoyed playing with everyone. Mummy's cousin Sarah drew a really good picture of me and i got to bring it home. Its on our fridge and i keep pointing to it and patting my chest. I know its a picture of me.

Sharing a book with Mummy's cousin Kate.

Playing my drum with Mummy's cousin, Chris.

Mummy really likes this picture.

I really liked stroking the doggies - Jazz and Bailey.

Trying out my new tea set at home.

I had a lovely time seeing you all. Its time to see Grandma and Grandad next weekend. I can't wait!

Sacrewell Farm

Over Easter we decided to go and visit our local farm, Sacrewell. Its really nice and we had a lovely afternoon, despite the odd mixed weather. We got to see three day old lambs and stately shire horses and woolly sheep. Phoebe loved it and it was really nice to see her signing to tell us what the animals were. We could have a real conversation about what we saw. Here are a few pictures of our time at the farm.

Phoebe meets a sheep for the first time.

Not too interested in this horse. The swings across the path look more fun!

Bunny rabbits and chickens.

These tiny new chicks were so cute!

Phoebe was fascinated.

Watching the newborn lambs - these were about to be fed as they had been abandoned by their mother.

Phoebe also liked her luminous entry sticker... and Mummy's... and Daddy's.

Mummy Pig outside while her babies stayed cosy in the sty.

Scott the Shire Horse. Phoebe got brave and stroked him.

These cows confused Phoebe as they had curly hair on their foreheads. She wondered if they could be sheep?

But these are definitely sheep!

More cute lambies!

Chickens. Can't wait til we get some.

Exhausted from all the excitement!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Phoebe Dancing

Check out Phoebe rockin' out to The Foos! You may also notice her signing tree.

Phoebe on her wheelybug

Phoebe tries out some new looks

What do you think?

Planting Broad Beans

Phoebe really enjoyed helping plant some broad beans the other week. She had lots of fun playing with her Fifi gardening set (thanks Uncle Jonny and Auntie Em!).

Phoebe's new pushchair

This is her new favourite toy at the moment - great for pushing round her dollies in! Daddy thought it would be fun for Phoebe to have a go.

At last... a Mummy cosleeping picture!

Making a Birthday Card for Auntie Lynsey

Today we made a birthday card for Auntie Lynsey. Its her birthday tomorrow and we're seeing her on Saturday. We won't show you the finished card in case she sees it but here are a few pictures of the fun we had making it.

Painting with fingers and sponges.

Making dots with our dabber pens.

Sometimes when Phoebe banged the pens down really hard they made a loud noise and scared her a bit!

Phoebe loves her dabber pens!

Phoebe also loves her crayons... but this mainly applies to eating them.

She also tried to drink the water for painting (luckily fresh clean water).

That's much better. An apple is much more tasty.
Its great now Phoebe is old enough to start making cards and pictures for the people she loves. We go to Messy Monsters every week and get to do lots of messy arty things which gives us lots of ideas. Looking forward to more pictures for other people soon.