Thursday, 28 February 2008

Daddy's New Toy

We needed to buy a lawnmower for our new house and as the garden is so big we thought we were going to have to buy a petrol one. Luckily Russ researched thoroughly and came across rechargeable electric mowers and this is what we bought...

...the Enviromower. It has a rechargeable battery pack which will allow you to mow for about 80 minutes. Russ tried it out this afternoon and did most of the garden before it got too late and he had to come in. It still has charge left so he'll finish the very end of the garden at the weekend.

Think he really likes his new toy, and Phoebe enjoyed watching him push it up and down. She was pointing excitedly and signing 'car'. Well, it does have wheels.

Look at the beauty of that lawn!!! Hehehe.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Toddler Song

Just found a link to this video on (another) Laura's blog -
Its so funny... and cute!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Phoebe's latest tricks

Just counted up and Phoebe now knows over 50 signs! She now recognises herself on the computer screen and points to her chest proudly when her image pops up. Sometimes she even signs "Mummy. Me." to let me know she has seen herself. She also signs Mummy or Daddy when our photos are on the screen.
She has, in the last few days, started letting go of the furniture and standing on her own and she's very proud of this achievement, beaming with pleasure at her own cleverness. She's getting very good at it and has also finally started cruising along the furniture so perhaps we'll see her take her first steps before too long.

Preparing our veg patch

We spent most of this Saturday in the garden preparing our veg patch. Getting quite excited about growing our own veggies and having our own chickens. First of all we dug up the last of last year's parsnips and beetroot.

There were a couple of whoppers!

Russ did most of the digging but Phoebe did play nicely for a bit and let me have a go. She enjoyed listening to the radio. Daddy got a wind up/solar powered radio for his birthday from Grandma and Grandad. Thank you. It was great fun to listen while outside and Phoebe loved dancing along.

We found lots of worms and Daddy took one to show Phoebe. She was very interested and picked it up to look more closely.

For lunch we made Parsnip Soup with the snips from the garden. It was very thick and creamy and lovely. Phoebe had parsip mash with hot toast and veggies.

After lunch we went back out and Daddy raked the ground over to get ready for planting.

We decided to plant the garlic out now. We've got lots of other things to plant when it gets warmer. Nanny and Grandad bought Daddy some onions, shallots, seed potatoes and seeds for his birthday. Thank you!

Daddy working hard planting the garlic.

Our little garlic babies are ready to grow.

We started chiting the seed potatoes in the utility room.

Phoebe also had lots of fun on her slide. It was a birthday present from Grampy and she loves it. Thank you! We have it in the sun lounge at the moment. Here's Daddy helping her down it.

Here's Phoebe signing 'slide'.

Great way to spend a Saturday we think. :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Last Weekend

This is a view from the footpath at the bottom of our road. We can walk out across the fields to the next village, or so we've been told. So we decided to have a brief explore.

Phoebe enjoyed being carried on Daddy's back in her 'backpack' style carrier.

Although it was quite cold and we didn't go very far before we had to come back. Just too chilly for us to be out in the open. Phoebe's eyes and nose were streaming. Poor thing.

The bridge across the stream, just a little way down the path.

Who's that crossing over my bridge!

Beautiful countryside.

We visited Oundle last Saturday as they had a Farmers' Market. Fantastic market with wide array of foods. Lovely town as well with lots of small individual shops and boutiques (or are they the same thing?). Really enjoyed wandering round with Phoebe in the sling. It was a crisp clean bright morning and we tried some warm apple juice with cinnamon to warm us up. Yum!
Looking forward to trying the Lincolnshire Poacher cheese. The bread was absolutely gorgeous!

Random photos from my camera phone

My favourite swings picture!

Caught in the act! Phoebe's new trick - turning the Virgin box on and off. Check out the cute PJs (xmas present from Nanny and Grandad).

Phoebe likes watching Something Special and sometimes signs along. I didn't catch this very well but she's waving to Justin!

Enjoying corn on the cob at Harvester for Daddy's birthday lunch out. She was so well behaved.

Phoebe signs "Mouse"!

Just a cute picture. :)

There's something about Phoebe!

Straight after nap time.

Phoebe wonders why the walker won't walk itself!

Wouldn't it be great if she could get a ride on it like that.

Trying to hold both dollies at once.

Swings again.

Cute co-sleeping picture. Taken before Phoebe's birthday but once she had started using a pillow (so no cool pillow and farm animal duvet covers yet).

Modelling her cool raincoat from Auntie Dani! Frogs rock!

DJ Blates is da bomb!

Look how our baby's grown!

Phoebe's first day in the world...

... and now!

Trip to the park

These are a few photos from a lazy weekend. It was a couple of weeks ago now. Here's Daddy and Phoebe taking a morning nap. Notice how she's leaning towards him - it's so cute!

We decided to take a walk to the park. Here's Phoebe enjoying the big girl swing on Daddy's lap.

Having a go on the roundabout with Mummy.

Daddy whizzes Phoebe down the slide.

Phoebe's second favourite activity at the park... well, third if you include people watching, it's the horse!

And the number one favourite all time park activity... it's the swing!

Phoebe likes it best when she's pushed from a crouching position.

All that motor activity has completely worn Phoebe out and she falls fast asleep in the pushchair on her way home. Not the position i would have chosen to sleep in but nevermind!

All in all it was a lovely relaxing day.

Phoebe's Birthday Party - Take Two

So here are the eagerly anticipated photos of Phoebe's birthday party when her friends came to visit! Only a month late. Hehe. People arrived at varying times through the morning and afternoon and we had a great time. It really made us realise how lucky we are to have such great friends who would come all the way up to see us (every baby that was invited came!) and also how much we miss you all! Will have to make an effort to get together more, especially when the sun starts shining! So without further delay may i present the photos!

Julia and Rebecca having a giggle.

"What's this?"

Charlie enjoys stroking the bird balloon while poor dolly languishes in the background! Hehe.

Charlie and Sam playing with the farm.

Phoebe finally wakes up to open a few presents.

Inigo eyes up a plate of food. :)

Arwen looks unimpressed by Sonia-Lee (little person left carelessy discarded by a little person).

Lynsey and Jacob, taking a while to wake up. Gavin in the picture too.

Phoebe and Charlie investigating how to work the oven.

"So you shut it like that and this button opens it, see."

"Now, the spatula is mainly used to fry an egg."

A bit of communal cup sharing going on. :)

Ah, the guilty pleasures of reading childrens books... to a dolly. Hehe.
Gavin enjoys Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Tiggers.

"Thanks for my castle Charlie. This king is quite fun to cook with!"

Thanks so much everyone for coming. we had a great day and loved seeing you all. If you have any good photos we'd love to get our hands on them as these are all we have and lots of people are missed out! I forgot to use my camera after the first hour. :(
Hope to see you all soon. xxx