Thursday, 31 January 2008

Phoebe's Birthday!

It has taken a while and we don't have nearly as many good pictures as we'd hoped (so please send us them if you do!) but here is Phoebe's first birthday in pictures! I can't believe our little girl has turned one! She's still my baby though. :)

Where's the presents Mummy?

Phoebe starts opening the huuuge mountain of cards that arrived. Thank you everyone!

Studying each card carefully.

Wow. A present. Yes Phoebe it is a pig. Its Peppa!

Yes and there she is on the back.

Phoebe tries out her new animal puzzle.

New Shoooooooooes!

Auntie Nicola and Uncle John sent a lovely radio and sweater dress for when i'm bigger.

Do i have to take the paper off? Can't i just play with the bricks through this hole?

Oh, i guess it is better when its unwrapped.

Crumpets: Breakfast of champions!

Weeble horses are very cool. I love Weebalot!

Phoebe was determined to help Daddy put in the batteries!

Phoebe's first birthday cake! Handmade sponge with butter icing. Yum.

We all stand around to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake and drink champagne.

Thanks everyone for coming!

We had a really lovely time with our family.

Auntie Dani plays with the pixie boot.

Phoebe makes friends with her last toy. Hello Ladybird!

I'm not sure about this Grandad!

Its ok Phoebe, says Grandad, I'll hold onto you.

Phoebe loves to "shake shake shake"!

We had such a great day and we know Phoebe did too It will be a very memorable first birthday! Thank you everyone and if you have any good photos please please send them to us!

Love to you all! xxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Out in the Garden

Last weekend we got out in our new garden for the first time this year to do some gardening. Russ pulled down the old tomato plants and bean canes. We watched and cuddled to keep warm.

We are still in shock over how big our garden actually is. This is a picture from the middle looking back at the house...

...and here's a picture looking the other way to the end of the garden!

Our boundary is basically right up to the hedges at the back by that house.

We had some fun outside.

Here are our fruit trees at the end of the garden. Fingers crossed for a good crop this year!

View back to the house.

Can't wait to get out there for family time again!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

A few random pics from 2007

Here are a few pictures of Phoebe 'babysigning'. She knows lots now: milk, food, drink, finished, music, clean, home, where?, dog, cat, pig, horse, bird, duck and mouse.

This is 'dog' (above) and below is 'pig'. Can't you tell!

That was 'duck', which looks a bit like milk and bird but you gotta take it in context!

Sleepy Daddy and sound asleep baby Phoebe after a slingride around the block.

This picture is just too cute!

Phoebe gets to grips with some tagliatelle.

My family. Aww.

Phoebe standing! Look at that concentration!

Practicing using her new fork after xmas.

This is just my favourite outfit ever! I wish they made it in my size!

Phoebe loves playing the keyboard. She can even dance at the same time!

Our First Family Christmas - Part 2

Here we are on Boxing Day at Nanny and Grandad's house. We don't seem to have as many good photos so we'll have to ask Grandad and Auntie Lynsey if they have some nice ones we could copy. This was Phoebe opening up a lovely dress from Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy. They also got her some really fun pop up blocks that she can crawl in and through and hide inside. She likes the tiger picture on the big one!

This is Phoebe with some of her goodies from Nanny and Grandad - a sleepsuit, some pyjamas, a little cuddly tiger and some building blocks.

She also really liked her hairbrush, despite looking suspiciously at it in this photo!

This was another popular present - a special drum from Grampy. It lights up and makes sounds when you hit it. It can play tunes too and plays a little song when you roll it.

Here is Phoebe with her farm from Nanny and Grandad. It has lots of animals and they make noises. Phoebe is signing pig in this picture as she's holding a block with a pig in in her hand.

Phoebe and Auntie Lynsey play with the farm.

...and with her hairbrush. No, Auntie Lynsey doesn't have a moustache. Its just the unfortunate angle of her hair!

...and with Phoebe's Noddy phone. Lynsey demonstrates how it works.

We need more photos - we don't even have any of Uncle Jonny and Auntie Em! They got Phoebe a fab blow up ball with animals on which she loves knocking about the lounge. That doesn't really do it justice. Its very cool!

So thanks for a great boxing day... and for putting us up when our heating broke again! See you all again soon. x