Monday, 10 December 2007


First taste of chocolate ice cream. Very naughty!

I'm not wearing the santa hat Mum. I told you i'd pull it off!

Our little angel!

Hands up for bolognaise!


We've been away for ages moving house and settling in here in Yaxley but now we have broadband and can start blogging again. Yay! Well, Phoebe permitting of course.

Phoebe is now almost 11 months. She has 6 teeth and is crawling all around the house. She can sign lots of words: food, drink, finished, milk, music, where, nappy change, clean, no, dog, duck, pig and sometimes she signs more. She is showing no signs of pulling up on furniture to cruise yet but is perfectly happy being sat or crawling about. She's actually quite fast now.

Foodwise Phoebe eats almost the same as us but she is pretty fussy at the moment and seems to have a very small appetite. She often compensates for this by feeding at night - so yes, we are still breastfeeding and will be for as long as she wants it. Our big challenge is to try to get her to eat more solids but also eat the right kinds of things. Don't get me wrong, we don't feed her junk food but she does eat much more meat and carbs compared to the measly amount of veggies that pass through her lips and don't even get me started on fruit. At the moment she won't touch the stuff. I should point out i don't think that any of it is due to BLW. I think its just Phoebe - another quirk to her personality. Maybe she's just a baby with a tiny appetite who loves to breastfeed!

We're not going to put up too many BLW pictures here now because

a) She eats the same food as us so not too interesting to look at
b) She's older and quite good with her hands now so again not much to look at, and
c) Watching Phoebe throw food on the floor for 10 minutes drives me bonkers and i wouldn't want to inflict it on anyone else! lol

Anyway, she is doing fine and seems to be healthy and thriving, despite her poor sleeping and eating habits and we're still going to post here but it'll be more of a general baby blog about what we're up to and how we're growing (or shrinking i hope in my case).
Must go for now but will post some recent pics of Phoebe to show how my cutie is doing.

Laura x