Tuesday, 28 August 2007


This isn't a great photo but here's Phoebe tucking into firm polenta i made last week. I cookedit for about 5 mins and then spread it out and left it to set before cutting into wedges. Phoebe quite enjoys it and i've done it a few times. You can leave it plain, which is quite bland, or add flavourings to it. This was smokey paprika.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

New purchases!

Yay! We've just ordered an orange handysitt - http://www.handysitt.biz/ - for when we eat out with Phoebe. Its so exciting! We can use it at friends houses, in restaurants and cafes (Yes! No more grubby highchairs!) and at home. We might use it instead of her usual highchair if it turns out to be very good.

Also, we've ordered an EazyChair by Hazy Dasy from eBay. Its a fabric travel highchair a bit like the totseat or handbag highchair but much better value. That's going to live in my handbag for emergencies and when we have to travel light and the Handysitt can't come.

Very exciting! Will report on these when they arrive.

Now i'm off to look for bibs and a portable table mat.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Co-sleeping is great. Its official.

Great article on co-sleeping in The Times last month. I've just seen the link online in a forum (iwantmymum). http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/families/article2115373.ece
Thanks Doris.

Spag Bol again!

Yes! We are eating Mummy's Spaghetti Bolognaise again!
This was made with angel hair pasta.

Phoebe gives it the big thumbs up!

Hipp-abisc and Stewed Apple

Phoebe is getting quite good at eating breakfast now. This is her Hipp-abisc (baby Weetabix made by Hipp) which was kept fairly stodgy. She also had stewed apple which i made in the microwave and was yummy - Mummy had to try it too!

Do you think Phoebe is becoming more aware of the camera?


Phoebe pulls this weird face when she's got too many little bits in her mouth. She's not really sure what to do, whether to swallow or chew or just cough them out so she just stops and sits with her mouth open hoping they'll disappear. She's not gagging, but if it carries on for a while she does then gag and is occasionally a bit sick. The picture below is a classic example of Phoebe's 'uh oh i have too many bits in my mouth' face.

Luckily it always sorts itself out.


Phoebe is getting good at using her doidy cups now. She gets very excited and loves water. Why does her Daddy's hand look so massive though! I mean, i know she has a small head but...


Yummy soft dribbly melty brie. Phoebe really sunk her gums into this and had a good grip on it. When she did let go she pulled a bit of a 'yuck' face but i think it was the texture freaking her out because it was a hot day so the cheese was very melty.


Phoebe is not too sure about this. We'll have to try again another day.

A trip to see Auntie Lynsey

Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy have a new house. We were supposed to see it two weeks ago but the floods stopped that so we went this weekend. Its a lovely old cottage and we had fun. I ate from the buffet!

Phoebes do not like yoghurt!


Phoebe loves green things. It doesn't get much better than sucking the life out of a piece of swiss chard.

Playing with ribbons

Well, here are the pictures of our first heuristic play session with ribbons. Phoebe played for about half an hour. She liked sucking them and finding the ends.

The dodgy angle is because i had to hide the camera from her to stop her becoming distracted from her game.

I think she saw it!

Paddling with Daddy

Daddy checks the water isn't too cold. What a pretty swimsuit Phoebe.

Phoebe taking her first dip. Unfortunately this was followed by much uproar at the indignity of having her tootsies put into cold water without her express consent. Phoebe did not like paddling!

Bath Toys

Well, it feels edible. Seems to be an alternative to a cup.

Mmm, I thought frogs lips were supposed to be a delicacy!

They're mine, all mine!

Homemade Pizza

I made these using mini Napoli pizza bases, tomato puree and olive oil was the sauce and then some veggies and mozzarella on top. I also made some cheese straws which Phoebe quite liked.


Phoebe wishes she could just eat him all up! No reason for this apart from its such a cute picture... says the proud Mummy.

Quick finger food lunch

This was on a hot day last week!

I hereby proclaim rice cakes to be the most versatile finger foods in the world!

Where's it all gone?

Grandad's Tomatoes (and a board book!)

This is two weeks ago on Nanny's birthday (28 July). We went round to see her in the morning.
Grandad has been growing some yummy tomatoes - they're special golden ones.

Check out that grip!

Uncle Jonny read me a story afterwards about Chimp and Zee.
Books are yummy!


Wibbly wobbly jelly. Raspberry flavour. I made it in an old washed up baby yoghurt pot and turned it out onto her tray. Phoebe played with it for a while but got a bit frustrated so Daddy gave her some on a spoon. She then ate loads of it!!!

Chilli con Carne

... with the teeniest sprinkle of chilli powder. This didn't go down too well as i think Phoebe was still recovering from her bug but she had a go at the massive onion slice.
When there's too much in front of her she seems to get overwhelmed, not know where to start and puch everything about alot... and on to the floor. I think that was a clear case of too much dinner as well.

Giant fusilli

We found that ASDA do giant pasta in their extra special range and thought it would be ideal for Phoebe. Its about £1.40 a bag and you don't get much so i wouldn't really use it for our tea but its perfect for Phoebe... although she's not to sure about the 'fusilli gigante' with a smear of green pesto.


Couldn't resist uploading these pictures of Phoebe playing Peekaboo with me. She looks like a weird kind of ghost in the first one!

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Phoebe has been a bit poorly. :-(
She's better now (it was over a week ago) but her appetite is only just back to normal. For a couple of days she barely had any milk even. I'm glad to report milk consumption is back to normal and solids have also now followed suit. So yay, we're getting stuck into food again!

I have taken a few more pics to upload of our latest new tastes but don't have time to upload them right now. I'm shattered! I think teething has now officially begun, along with the sleepless nights... not that they ever went away. Phoebe is not a good sleeper! As someone once described their little one on IWMM, she's an 'interesting sleeper'. She's been generally a bit fussy, on and off, and has been dribbling a little more than usual, crying at night and chewing on my fingers and her food with renewed vigour. She nearly stripped the celery and cucumber i gave her the other day to its stringy bits/skin. So we'll see. On the other hand i could be completely wrong and she might just be too hot with all the sun we're now getting (finally!) and having a few off days.

We've bought a new carseat. Phoebe's is a Creatis to go with our Loola pushchair and Windoo carrycot (Bebe Confort) and it was great when she was tiny but its quite narrow at the top and pretty padded so when she's in it she gets very hot and sweaty (hot padded fabric headrest which doesn't come off) and can't see anything. I think that must be the longest sentence ever!
So she hates car journeys and always always cries, which i find very difficult as any other time i'd pick her up and try to make it better. Its a bit better when i can get in the back as i can let her suck my finger and she'll often go to sleep eventually. But if i have to be in the front i try to lean over and do it and i get a dead arm (or ram, as i just wrote!). lol
So today we bought a new carseat, still a type 0 but a less padded and more open one in a cooler fabric. It looks more like everyone else's now as the Creatis is a bit unique looking. I'm really hoping that this will help and our journey to Auntie Lynsey's tomorrow will be a bit smoother than normal trips.

When i was training to be a teacher (or Early Years Practitioner as i should really call myself) we had some seminars on 'Heuristic Play'. Basically, its about giving babies real objects to explore in the form of 'treasure baskets' and letting them investigate the items themselves, supervised of course. There is a great site that explains it well - http://www.natureplay.org.uk/httpdocs/heuristic-play.htm and a great book that i must dig out The Little Book of Treasure Baskets which gives lots of ideas for baskets.
We've decided to have some regular heuristic play sessions with Phoebe and i think i might blog them on here. Today we played with a basket of ribbons and Phoebe loved it. Fiddled and flung them about in handfuls and stared at a loose end and tried to eat them. It was so much fun. She was so engrossed she played for nearly half an hour before we had to stop for tea. I took some photos and will hopefully upload soon. Wonder if anyone else does this?

Right, must go - Facebook is refusing to let me in and i'm tired so off to bed before Phoebe wakes up for her first night feed (of many).

Night night x x