Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Veggie Casserole and Couscous

Phoebe is a bit unsure of Mummy's casserole.

Daddy tries to persuade her to try some.
Ok, i guess i'll have a go. Yellow peppers are quite nice.
Yummy casserole and couscous!

Cottage Cheese

Learning to eat from a spoon - Phoebe grabbed it from Mummy's hand. Looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't she! Phoebe managed to hold it there and suck the contents into her mouth.

Baby Plum Tomatoes

These were extra special posh golden plum tomatoes. Phoebe has perfected the art of sticking a thumb or finger inside to pick them up.

Then she sucks the juicey pips out.


Just the right size for little hands. Phoebe has had babycorn a few times now in casserole and on its own.

July 21st

Phoebe couldn't wait to get her hands on the new Harry Potter!

Cheesy mash and veg

Ooh, look at the excitement! More cheesy mash with some broccoli and carrot. Phoebe beheaded the broccoli and grabbed handfuls of it with her mash.

Fun Fridays with Friends

Just some pictures of last Friday's Bumps and Babes session at our house. Here's Charlie and George holding hands. Aw. Isn't it cute! Check out Charlie's cute babylegs (baby leg warmers).

Here's Faith standing up, almost on her own! Only 7 and a half months but she's crawling all over and on the verge of taking her first steps!

Phoebe had fun shouting from her ring (well, Faith's ring we're borrowing) and trying to teach George how to say 'Mumumumumumum'. Samuel was busy this week. We missed him!


Not quite such a popular breakfast as weetabix. I don't think Phoebe is as keen on the taste. But she has had a go and today's peachy porridge seemed to be better.

Grated Carrot

This was part of lunch and went down very well. It was fun watching Phoebe pick it up by the fistful and lick the bits out of the top.


We decided to try some weetabix, mixed with expressed breastmilk. We made it very very thick by adding a little at a time. This is one of our favourite breakfasts.

Mashed potato

...with a bit of cheese in (and of course butter and a splash of milk). Phoebe really enjoyed getting mucky with this and ate a fair amount too.

Eggy Bread

Yum. I'm not sure if i've ever had eggy bread before now but we enjoyed this as a family breakfast together last Saturday morning. Definitely will try this again.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Spaghetti Bolognaise!

This was, by far, the most fun meal so far. I made it just like ours but did Phoebe's vegetables in the traditional BLW 'chip' shape so she could get hold of them easily. She seems to love messy foods. Since this meal she has had it again at Nanny and Grandad's house and made almost as much mess. There are a lot of photos as they came out so well. What a great advert for Baby Led Weaning!

Dinner is served!

Starting to tuck in.

Yummy spaghetti!

I'm not too sure about these green peppers!

Getting stuck in! Yes, i know its my thumb!

This is how you eat it, isn't it?


I love dinnertime!

Baby Porridge

Phoebe was fairly unimpressed with this, as she seems to be with most foods designed especially for babies. She doesn't like spoons very much apart from their own intrinsic value as a piece of plastic i.e. "Give me a spoon to play with and that's fine but don't you go filling it with mush!"

Sunday Roast

Well, this is about as far as we got with the roast. For whatever reason, Phoebe was unwilling to even try the roast Daddy had spent the last two hours preparing. She did, however, redecorate her high chair and was quite happy to sit while we had our meal.

Eggy Bread

Yes, last Saturday we all sat down to a breakfast of eggy bread. Phoebe wasn't too sure about it but she did have a taste. I love this sleepsuit. Its so cute!


We've found a new way of eating banana, as demonstrated in the photo. Phoebe found it a lot easier to hold this way and enjoyed sucking the end. Its like a mini ice cream cone.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Happy Birthday Grandad!

We love you! xxx

Sweet Potato again

We'd like to show you a picture of Phoebe eating sweet potato wedges, really we would, but its so hard to capture. Like the potato, they're mush in no time. They are definitely a favourite though.
Breaking News: Phoebe has learnt to cough. She is mainly using it as a new sound to add to her repetoire e.g. "Shriek... cough... shriek... laugh" but today she used it to clear her throat while eating which seems to be preventing the gagging! Yay! So we are hopefully looking forward to less gagging and more eating. I also heard her swallow a few times.
I've just uploaded lots of images (more then are on this page so click on the word 'older' at the bottom of the page for more pics you may have missed).


We bought some pork ribs and weren't sure whether Phoebe would be able to have some or not. We cooked some plain for her and cooled them down in cold water before letting her have a go. She didn't get much, if any, meat from them but loved chewing on them... check out the double handed feeding we've got going on now!


Phoebe has trouble with potato. We think she likes it but its hard to tell as she has so much trouble getting it into her mouth! Its far too soft and crumbly. But she has fun chasing it about the plate!


Steak. A big lump of it to chew on. Yummy!


Well, knowing Phoebe's feelings about green food we weren't at all suprised when she showed a certain fondness for cabbage. She affectionately plays with the green leaves before munching on them enthusiastically! Go Phoebe - chew those veggies!