Friday, 29 June 2007

Sweet Potato

...with broccoli. Also known as Baby Led Weaning carnage!

This has been Phoebe's favourite meal so far... and ours! Hehehe. We had so much fun!

Roast Lamb

Phoebe is dismayed when Daddy tries to take a bit of her roast lamb!

She chewed on this for ages!

Toasted Teacake!

Ok, i was a bit naughty here! This was meant for me but Phoebe looked at it so longingly and i thought... "a little bit won't hurt"! Little did i know she's nearly scoff the whole lot! Well, give it a good chew and squish anyway.

Potato Wedges

Phoebe wasn't too impressed with these. Not sure what to make of the texture i think. Plus i cooled them with cold water a bit too much and i guess soggy wedges aren't all that appetising!


Celery rocks! Enough said.


Well, to start with we weren't impressed. Mum, what on earth is that!?!

Then we thought we'd give it a try...

before you know it your face is covered in banana mush!


I love asparagus spears and now Phoebe does too! She really enjoyed chewing on the 'wrong' end but wasn't impressed with the tips. So cute!

She wasn't a fan of the new potatoes though!


Lovely cold cucumber wedges - organic, from Sainsburys. Phoebe loves chewing on the hard skin with her gums and sucking the middle off. Most ended up on her chin but she seemed to really want to get stuck in! Love that photo!


Or steamed carrot batons to be more precise. These were Phoebe's first taste of food and she loved chewing them. Very little, if any, was swallowed. Especially as i probably made them a bit too hard. I was worried if they were too mushy she would get a whole mouthful and gag a lot.
They were from our lovely organic veg box. We use River Nene. Yum!

Friday, 22 June 2007

'Mumsicles' and 'Slush Mummies'

This is Phoebe's first ever experience of tasting anything other than breastmilk straight from the source. Here she is enjoying a 'mumsicle' (frozen breastmilk ice lolly) and a 'slush mummy' (bashed up frozen breastmilk).
She was really unsure of it at first and not very keen on the coldness. She kept touching it and then withdrawing her hand in annoyance. Once it started melting she liked dipping the spoon in it and sucking the cool milk from it. Overall, it was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Hello from Phoebe Dot!

Hello and welcome to our blog about life with our daughter Phoebe and our journey into parenthood!

Phoebe was born in January and we had her at home in our birthing pool. It was an amazing experience and went very smoothly. Here she is just a few minutes old!

We used Hypnobirthing which i feel really helped us and her entry into the world was calm and relaxed. The happiest moment of my life!

Phoebe is breastfed and has been growing well. She spent much of the first four months on the 75th centile. She loves spending time in her sling and being cuddled up close to Mummy and Daddy.

The last two pictures are us now, well a couple of weeks ago. Phoebe is five months and one week old!