Monday, 10 December 2007


First taste of chocolate ice cream. Very naughty!

I'm not wearing the santa hat Mum. I told you i'd pull it off!

Our little angel!

Hands up for bolognaise!


We've been away for ages moving house and settling in here in Yaxley but now we have broadband and can start blogging again. Yay! Well, Phoebe permitting of course.

Phoebe is now almost 11 months. She has 6 teeth and is crawling all around the house. She can sign lots of words: food, drink, finished, milk, music, where, nappy change, clean, no, dog, duck, pig and sometimes she signs more. She is showing no signs of pulling up on furniture to cruise yet but is perfectly happy being sat or crawling about. She's actually quite fast now.

Foodwise Phoebe eats almost the same as us but she is pretty fussy at the moment and seems to have a very small appetite. She often compensates for this by feeding at night - so yes, we are still breastfeeding and will be for as long as she wants it. Our big challenge is to try to get her to eat more solids but also eat the right kinds of things. Don't get me wrong, we don't feed her junk food but she does eat much more meat and carbs compared to the measly amount of veggies that pass through her lips and don't even get me started on fruit. At the moment she won't touch the stuff. I should point out i don't think that any of it is due to BLW. I think its just Phoebe - another quirk to her personality. Maybe she's just a baby with a tiny appetite who loves to breastfeed!

We're not going to put up too many BLW pictures here now because

a) She eats the same food as us so not too interesting to look at
b) She's older and quite good with her hands now so again not much to look at, and
c) Watching Phoebe throw food on the floor for 10 minutes drives me bonkers and i wouldn't want to inflict it on anyone else! lol

Anyway, she is doing fine and seems to be healthy and thriving, despite her poor sleeping and eating habits and we're still going to post here but it'll be more of a general baby blog about what we're up to and how we're growing (or shrinking i hope in my case).
Must go for now but will post some recent pics of Phoebe to show how my cutie is doing.

Laura x

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

My spoon

I love my spoon. Sometimes when i'm in the right mood i let Mummy put some weetabix on it to eat. It has to be stuck on good though because spoons are great fun to wave about all over the place and to 'shake shake shake'!

Aren't spoons brilliant!

Visiting Grandma and Grandad

A few weekends ago we went to visit Grandma and Grandad in Yateley. I was very tired that day but had lots of fun playing with Grandma and Mummy while Grandad, Daddy and Uncle John dug a lot of mud out of the garden. They worked very hard! Soon some men are going to come and put up a conservatory there. Mummy and Daddy think it is a great idea and i think it will be lovely to play in when i come to visit.

Grandma is singing 'The Wheels on the Bus'. She bought me a shiny new book!

Grandad is teaching me how to dance!

Hopefully we will see them again soon (maybe in our new house!) and i might be a bit less tired next time. I might be crawling by then too - so watch out! Hehehe.

Lots of love,

Phoebe x x


Crumpets are most definitely Phoebe's favourite breakfast!

Just had to include these cute pics of her post-breakfast nap!

Snacking with Daddy

Breadsticks are yummy and so is Daddy!

Monday, 8 October 2007


This is a bit of a trial to see if i can upload a video here. We've been so busy we haven't had time to update but hope to very soon!

The video is unfortunately sideways because of my daft phone. I'll know better next time.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Hello Grandma and Grandad!

Welcome back from your holiday! We hope you had a lovely time.
I've got a few new tricks to show you. I'm almost ready to crawl, i can wave on demand and i've got excellent eating skills now.

I had my 8 month check and it all went well. I'm just above average weight and i'm quite tall (91st centile)! The health visitor was very impressed with what and how i am eating. I'm doing great!

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!
Lots of Love,

Phoebe xxx

P.S. I'm on someone else's blog!!! I'm famous! I had lunch with my friend Charlie last week and her Daddy took some photos. It was great fun! Here is the link:

Friday, 14 September 2007

New products I won't be buying

My attention has been drawn to some new 'time saving' devices on the market. What can i say... I'm pretty shocked! Now the new Mum need not spend any time touching her baby at all!

Check out the Zaky - possibly the most freaky thing i've ever seen!

Its like letting your child be raised by a fraggle! Full explanation here:

Forget the bonding during feeding times. Here's the 'Extra Hand' - obviously never heard of the dangers of bottle propping then.

Details at:

I am speechless!

Monday, 3 September 2007


Just need a little place to store some pics for use on forums.

These are the avatars i am using at the moment.

Saturday, 1 September 2007


Now, you know from my previous post about yoghurt that Phoebe is not a fan. In fact, she becomes distressed at the mere sight of the stuff. However the other day we had a one off success with Rachel's Organic Low Fat Vanilla yoghurt. It was mine and we tried it on the spur of the moment as she seemed interested. She started eating it from the spoon and wanted more. It was very messy and lots of fun!
I am sorry to report that after this brief and amusing interlude we are back to the usual state of affairs when it comes to runny foods. Babies, eh?

Phoebe was not amused with Daddy's impression of her yoghurt face!

Pork chop

Phoebe is getting very good at chewing now at 7 and a half months and can even bite and chew pieces of meat. It amazes me when people say "She can't bite or chew, she doesn't have teeth!". Of course she can - her gums are pretty strong and it might not be biting as you know it but she's definitely doing some damage to this chop!

Risotto, beetroot and chard

This beetroot was from Great Grandad. He bought and cooked it and brought some round for us to try. Phoebe didn't get into too much of a mess and liked sucking it. She did bite a chunk off and eat it too.

Phoebe is not too sure about the swiss chard!
But she does like it and goes on to suck it for quite a while.
Yummy rissotto! Rice is quite popular with Phoebe now she has got the hang of how to eat it!

Wingfest 2007 (Rice and Grated Cheese)

This is Phoebe enjoying her lunch at Daddy's Aunt and Uncle's house in Hastings last weekend. She had already eaten a plate full of bits we had brought and then tucked into rice and grated cheese from the buffet. We had a Wingfield family get together and got to see lots of people who had never met Phoebe before as well as Grandma and Grandad and Auntie Nicola and Uncle John. Unfortunately i was so busy seeing to Phoebe I didn't take any photos apart from these, which i suppose i took out of habit, so i would love to see more if anyone took some!


I just love these photos! This is the same face Phoebe pulls when she sees her Tigger mug. She has water in it and takes sips at mealtimes. Nanny and Grandad Moore bought it for her from her holiday in Norfolk.
These photos however were taken in a museum in Luton after a failed attempt at a picnic with Sam, Charlie and some other nice Mummies and children from and La Leche League. It rained torrentially and we got soaked! For some reason Phoebe found being in a museum terrible exciting!

More gratuitous Bolognaise shots!

What can i say. Its the most messy thing on the planet!!!
Since we did this we have bought quite a few new and better bibs. We hadn't quite gotten round to it yet and were still using mainly milk bibs! :-O
Which is very messy and not good for clothes. It is also not good for Mummy's clothes when Phoebe suddenly does this...

Eggy Vegetables

This is basically scrambled egg with veg thrown in but Phoebe seems to like it. Shame the mushrooms make it go grey!

Ladies who lunch!

Here are some pics of us having lunch with 'Auntie Dani' at Starbucks in Welwyn.

Yes, we are using the Handysitt and yes it was great! Phoebe loved being at our level and joining in with conversation and snacks. We fed her before we left and then she had rice cakes and a bit of my panini while we were there. The handysitt worked really well and felt very safe and sturdy. We had lots of positive comments about Phoebe and the chair. A big success.

Hasn't Auntie Dani got fab hair!

Phoebe loved being so close to me. We give it the big thumbs up - very useful and worth the money.

Incidentally this trip out also involved me inadvertently flashing the head of governors from my school whilst breastfeeding a very nosy monkey-like Phoebe, nearly spending a fortune in Monsoon (£8 for a baby hairband!) and buying breast coloured yarn to make knitted boobs for some breastfeeding counsellors. Saying in a loud voice in the middle of John Lewis "But Dani, does this yarn really look nipple coloured enough to you?" is sure to embarass even the most faithful friend! So thanks Dani for laughing and not running away and leaving me!

Beef Casserole

Home made and with big lumps in. Phoebe quite enjoyed it.

Recipe was basically - chunky chopped onion, red pepper, courgette and mushroom (and whatever else i needed to use up in the fridge) in a casserole dish, add diced beef. Cover with tin of tomatoes, few fresh tomatoes,

sprinkle of mixed herbs and top up slightly with water. Put lid on and bake in oven at 170 ish for about 2 hours. Yum!